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Wera P Wooww!!!I'm blessed
thx GOD 03/25
LilByul ... 03/26
juDy that is such a tiny .... But how God use.... 04/03
vervethe Immanuel! 04/06
vervethe the music........
thanks god! 04/06
Daniel Hallelujah 04/18
Robert.s When you have a trouble,pray and GOD will show the way 04/25
Jas AMen! In fact, for the past two weeks, I have been rather down but did not know why. wow this clip has just ministered to my soul ! :) 04/25
Gracie A wonderful clip to lift up our spirit! 04/25
Lydia ....... Thanks,...... really ....... 04/26
heavenode I'm so touched and encouraged... 04/27
jo it's touching. Thank you 05/02
angie I'm so blessed T T ..Thank you 05/04
christine thank you for the encouragement =) i will now get up. 05/09
joy very touching song and flashes...
May our Lord bless your work! 05/10
stiicky praise god... 05/11
Faith thank You,Jesus, for Your promise, that You will alwiz make a way when there seems to be no way! God bless u, this is so encouraging & I pray He will bless u mightily!! =) 05/12
Joshua God you give me heavy encouragement very, I is it spend one born love you hard to like,You my life only, I love you, God ! 05/15
Teresa I know he always be with me ^v^. 05/17
guirguis i want to be a mamber 05/17
caroal with our loard nothing imposibl 05/17
robyn hey! thanks for making these wonderful cartoons! most of them have really touched my heart. Thank God for these blessings. pray that He'll continue to bless you with creativity and much wisdom, so that He may touch more lives through your cartoons. :) 05/22
spon_p God will do everything to make sure all His son's is on His Way.
even the rock can speak,to tell how the goodness of God, is endure forever.Thanks 05/23
Aaron Lee Remember! You're not alone,GOD always be with YOU! 05/24
Joanne It's touching! 05/31
kelly its gods will! everything we have is gods will even this site 05/31
marian im so touch. when my frend see this i know they will fell the same 05/31
Mario Through God even when we think there's no way else, he will open a new way! Halleluia! 06/06
jc thx god la~
may god bless all of u 06/06
wendy yea!!
thxs god for everything!!!!
God made everything for us!!! 06/08
gAbY Jesus has been good 2me and 2u.. He will make everything possible.. This animate is awesome, touch of blessing.. He loves is endurest forever.. 06/09
bearberry where do you get your instrumentals? can i also download them? it's very nice of you..you are great and God as well. His indeed merciful 06/10
george God be with u in this wonderful spiritual work...really it touches my heart...and we r waiting for more and more from u 06/11
Opel Thanks God................... 06/17
Herry The clips are so touching, i'm shedding tears. God is so loving and marvelous to let us once again drawn near to HIM. May He bless those taking part in creating all these clips. 06/19
suchi I need you in my life 06/20
cha thanks god.cheer up.god will help us.believe god stay with you. 06/23
MO THANK GOD~it is a good short movie 06/28
baoling dear friend i want to change my life now yup i dun want to heard evey one from tst to qualler
i must love god more . 07/06
J.Hengki wao...its so beautifull meaning to us. its very wonderfull. thx Lord, may that can always blessed everybody, AMEN. 07/07
LS It is really inspiring to see even a plant can grow from the rock.
Life is tough but it is worth walking with our God beside us! 07/07
camilla it's so os so so so so so touching..hope u guys can do a lot of meaningful flesh just like this...thanx very much.. 07/09
naam thx God for yr POWER and LOVE 07/22
melody god's love is great!! 07/30
thankful that producing such touching viedo for people^^
God bless all of u ! 08/10
jluvsme thank you for this website... its so wonderful!!! Godblessyou all 08/14
dongjoo god.. you have truly blessed me with everything you haven given me 08/17
lei God, thank you for never leaving my side and thank you for all the blessings you have given me. i love you 09/03
carla Thank you Lord for salvation..It's worthy to praise and adore you, i love you! 09/12
rachelle God is good, all the time! Thank you Lord, you deserve all the praise in the world....... 09/12
betina it really inspires me...thank you for this website and its really wonderful...How precious is your constant love Oh Lord...forever your love will never fail..You are worthy to be praise!! 09/14
omar You are magnificent Oh Lord!!!! Worthy is your Lamb...God bless you all!! 09/14
nunna im so blessed...i feel relieved and encouraged...hoping for more sites to come...i will definitely tell my friends about this...God bless you all!! God loves you... 09/14
melson i love you GOD ! thanks !!! 09/18
ตาแป๋ว พระเจ้าทรงห่วงใยคุณ ทรงรักคุณมาก เพียงคุณสังเกตสิ่งที่อยู่รอบๆ ตัวคุณให้ดี
บางที่พระเจ้าอาจจะกำลังตรัสกับคุณก็ได้ ตั้งใจฟังนะแล้วจะได้ยิน 09/20
solomon I'm so blessed with this clip, thank you 09/22
meow im so touched after i see it. we know god is always around us. but sometimes when we encounter challeges, we tend just lost our way easily..thanks to the person who send me this! Thank God!! 09/30
elena i like this song, may i know who's the composer and the song title? truly touching, God is indeed good. 10/01
eLena wonderful... keep up the good work for the Lord. God bless you. 10/01
cha_val woowwwwwww........it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!Jesus u'r my savior..........thx LORD..... 10/06
JeY Amen... i was so deeply in down abt my cell group's growth almost gave up... i felt strengten now thank God 4 this clip =) 10/09
fel i want to love God forever.. focus on HIM,on the cross, no matter what happen around me.. thanks alot bro and sis! 10/12
Rye God is good..All the time.. 10/18
drake Thank you for made this clip :) GBU
& Thank You Lord God. 10/20
ada Let us never forget the small things that God takes care of... when we mean the most to Him... Imagine... what He can do with us! 10/23
jesse nice.....keep on posting this kind of God's encouraging words thru creative arts. Thank you.http://jesse-amiel.tripod.com 10/25
Respect2Gl Wonderful work Donghaeng! The Lord has truly blessed your art. AbSoLuTeLy nOtHiNg is impossible for God to do!!!
Visit my site: www.xanga.com/Respect2Glory 11/05
cheryl praise GOD! 11/14
LARR God's work is marvelous! God is Great! 11/18
adriana_ah how great is my Lord! 11/20
adriana_ah what i must do to have on this site a password, how i must proceed to regester, i do know.... please help me.... my mail: iasmina_xer@yahoo.com 11/20
Louis get up FOREVER !!! nice2 i'm so blessed !!! 11/21
Sahat stmr ThankYou Lord Jesus.................. 11/24
jasmine Donghaeng, this clip has ministered to me and I pray that your work would continue to minister to others. God bless you and your work 11/26
patricia Remember every problems in live ,it is very very very very SMALL to God. 12/03
Thomas Ѧ꣬您䣡 01/17
jabe God is LOVE and HOPE.....!
thank you LORD!!!! 01/27
God's gal Very bless by all the clips 02/27
God's gal Very bless by all the clips 02/27
nanako God always loves us whenever & wherever....
He protect us with His hand, He loves us with His heart, He remember us with His eyes, He always gives solution 4 all our problem, He will still loves us when we forget about Him....
n He always safe us....
God is good all the time....!
GBU + JLU 4 ever ( ^ _ ',) 03/03
Rose Thank you! God + Artist
I had the similar experiences in the last two years of my life. 03/08
uli you not alone, god always be with you 03/10
ȶ 03/19
Fero diki 03/19
nej without God life makes no sense! thank u kiro! 03/22
Amanda Wonderful...I'm so blessed! Praise the Lord! Continue to keep p the good work for the Lord ya! God bless and may He continue to use you for His kingdom! =) 03/27
jane thanks the LORD! 03/29
Ihla Dobree, pacilo sa mi velmi. Vdaka, hlavne vdaka Bohu za Teba. Ahoj. 04/04
jethro im so blessed..thank god... thnx...he is our saviour...lolx 04/08
Green Bean Our GOD is the perfect partner. We will never alone again... 04/12
ana Jesus, Thanks for your blessing 04/12
Allen God bless you for your amazing talent! Your mini clips really grasp the true nature of the stuggles we face but also shows that the only True way to live is through Jesus! 04/13
niTT touching... 04/17
joel Thanks for the beautiful website! I and my mother like it very much! 04/19
Patrick Thanks God for guiding us. Thank u for this wedsite that brings blessing & encouragement to us. Keep up the good work & God remember everything that you done. 04/23
evan thank's JESUS
wonderful grace for us.
Haleluya.. Praise and worship Him Forever
GBU 04/28
wing is a very good 04/29
Sandra Whenever I am angry,I read the bible.I feel blessed of those words which told me to forgive the person. 07/06
Waylan The sprout represents faith, right? 07/13
sarot Love God alot ( From Thailand ) 07/14
Cedric i m realli bless.. God is e creation.. Amen!..

i m realli bless. GOd is e creation! Amen.. 07/15
cedric Cedric from city-harvest church.. GT zone.. 07/15
Living Wat Wonderfull! Thanks for the clips! Ithelps me to go through my spiritual dry time. 08/15
Sandra (: Very blessed. Thanks for sharing this. 08/17
della thank you for giving us such good thing:) 09/19
m hi 10/14
gerson I'm very blessed by this creations..God Graces upon you more and more 11/03
ܺ wow...in the beginning that person sound just like me most of the time....now, when that happens again...I'll look at God's beauty in nature...^^ 11/09
Michelle I feel like this all the time, i never realized it either..about the little things that were always there yet we never noticed or took the time to be by ourselves just to look at them...im so blessed and i dont even know how much..Thank you God, you were always there to give me Hope, Give me Strength to Stand back on my Feet, and i havent been able to repay you..Im sorry, Please Forgive me...I Love you God With all my Heart 11/09
duahek i will getn up agian with my God..
thank you for your message.. 02/03
church church 02/19
anthony winners stands firm on values but compromise on pretty things,,
losers stand firm on pretty things bet compromise on values..... 03/06
anthony R. God is great!
He is faithful.. 03/07
ian God is my refuge and strength, a very pressents helps in times of troubles 03/08
sumitha god,thank you for every good things you have done in my life!=)i will praise you forever! 03/18
sumitha thanks!!im very touched with this clips!=)even though some of the clips are a bit funny,i am still happy.i just dont know what to do without jesus christ,he is the king of kings!!! 03/18
Ang_keedo Sometime I feel that I can't do .....
But I know That....... God will make a way
Thank a lot of for this story....
God bless you 04/11
sisy Gbu! 04/18
Kimmy God is using you to touch many people's heart neh. Continue to be blessed by Him and thank you so much, for sharing the good news with many other people. 04/26
VIvien It's great! It really inspires me to see the nature and get God's message from His creation. God is really awesome! every creation He made is never useless! I believe I am too! Thanks LORD JESUS! YOU ROCKS! 05/04
Rudi Hi! It's great ! 05/07
theresia4 our God is AWESOME GOD ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 07/12
hin It's so nice..I'm so blessed founded this site. God Bless u all... 07/12
Hugo Santa Maria,Pray for us sinners,Amen 08/02
nanshar i love you God 08/23
mimi i love you God 09/04
Santa anyone knows how to download these files? Please help me 09/16
okta :D i lov GOD.... 12/12
okta :D i lov GOD.... 12/12
Ellen This clip is such a bless, even in the lowest point in our life, God will always help us and give us strength to carry on.
Thanks God, I love you
And thank you for the strength you've gave me 02/20
nicodemus father thanx for everything...i love You.. 03/03
Hardian.. holy be Your name,, GOD !! 04/13
tik God is good ! 04/16
bharap ma mnusia hnya mbuaq ati kecewa tapi ktk aq menaru smua d kaki-NYA..... aq bener" mliat kemuliaanNYA d dlm hidup kuw ini 04/30
William Hi, how I can save the Flash.
I am so blessed by this flash. Thanks... 05/05
veronica JESUS IS the LORD ever an ever and ever. thx OHH... MY LORD!!!!!!!! 05/31
Ericakawai WOW....
Yes I will look forward
Cuz there will always be hope when i lay on YOU!!! 07/24
Jo kupang Ohhh Tuhan Enkau SunggUh BaiK Bapa..,,, Love U Jc 08/16
sabrynna tuhan yesus lah segalanya tiada kuasa yang lebih agung dari kuasanya.. 10/11
Ista Dalam segala pencobaan, jangan pernah lupa bahwa kita tidak sendirian. Ada satu pribadi yang mengenal kita, yang benar-benar perduli akan kita, yaitu Yesus. 12/09
L~caz Tuhan.....cobaan apa lagi yg harus aku hadapi....sungguh sulit tanpa diri-MU 03/20
chelya how to download this?? please tell me at ch37ya_tumewu@yahoo.co.id
GodBless... 05/09
Sa5m When God closes a door,somewhere he opens a window...I love you God.Amen 01/15
Charlotte It is amazing how You make things work,Christ.I am very encouraged.Thank you,Lord.I will get up. 01/15
Hestin This flash has always been helping me out through the hardest time in my life. When life seems hard I'm always reminded to see God's love through small common thing around me, including nature :) 02/21
Lydia Very blessing with this flash, what is the title of this song? 04/08
etsas give me your video to help another people in the school 05/17
etsas give me your video to help another people in the school 05/17
sha why there is no updated clip.. 06/13