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Title I love you

Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion.
For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!

Isaiah 30:18

Translated by mwoo

jennt it's so precious that when we are weakest, that is when we can feel His presence the most, He never leaves us :D, i love You Lord 12/28
yosie Really great flash! I love it! 12/28
derick This flash really touch me I love it 01/07
Polly IT MAKES ME CRY A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 01/09
beltsazar God, forgive me 01/12
vania this make me cryyyyy!!! 01/13
ariel JESUS.,please forgive me to all my sins..i love you so much! 01/14
alvaro Nice 01/15
sathya love you love you love you love YOU JESSU! :P 01/17
sydnie yes i love you LORD 01/28
H-man Wow..........................Flash nya nggak Muncul-muncul...
Tapi Dari Pesan temen-temen yang lain katanya Bagus.
Yup,i believe the person who create this flash, hoped the other can feel The Jesus Heart.. 01/29
P I love you Lord 01/29
Kai Wei Jesus, I love you forever. 01/31
Armando it's awesome!!!!!!!! 02/01
Sim.Andrew I just want to share what I learn from this flash:
1. Manytimes we feel that our condition is same like Adam that just eat the forbiden fruit, we're ashamed, we're scared, we're run away from Him. even the fact isn't as bad as we feel, He still love us. so never run away from God who love us that much.
2. Cause our fearness since we fall into the sins, God may can't show His love strightly to us, but He didn't hate us as we think, He still show us his love by other thing or other people. So never close your heart, cause Jesus is still knocking on your heart door & having a true community in your life that you have a trust in there, save in there to said everything & lead you to know the truth of His words. 02/01
Bill it make me CRY....!!!!!! JESUS....I LOVE YOU TOO..........!!!!!!!!!! 02/03
ed JESUS, I love You so much. Your the only one the i could live for. cant live without You Jesus 02/05
Pdt Yahya Jesus, aku ingin lebih mengasihi-Mu... 02/06
Pdt Yahya Jesus, aku ingin lebih mengasihi-Mu... 02/06
yaya Jesus.... I LOVE YOU 02/12
yaya Jesus.... I LOVE YOU 02/12
victoria it is just so cool...great... Jesus, i love You, more...more and more than ever... 02/14
jj baguzz 02/15
Yusak Yes... Jesus Love me so much, and that's make me able to love Him 02/15
Obed it's awesome, cool!!!!!!!!!!!!1 02/15
Brian YESUS , MY HEROOOOOOO !!! 02/15
edwin hehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOO SWEEET 02/15
edwin Godd you love mee and Ireally love u!!!!!!!!
more than anithing 02/15
samudra awh!..This touched my heart ...
I'll take this as a lesson to learn in my lifetime, that I will always turn to God every single time 02/15
lphie lord,,love You more than anything,,
thanks for all U've done in my live,,
u are the reason what i live for,,i love You,,thats why i worship You,,thats why i raise my hand n praise You.. 02/19
david praise the lord.........day by day....... 02/23
Link Jesus I Love you so mucH. . .
I give you my heart n everything in my life to you. . .
just to you. . . 02/26
Ice I love my Jesus... 02/27
Lidya Jesus I love U so much because U always lead my life..
U always hear everything when i pray.. 03/01
Jack Tulus Thank You Jesus.... How You love me so much 03/09
leancy Youre my best Daddy i've ever had, JC.
i want to thankyou so much for your Sacrifice.. 03/10
stepehen LORD,thank you so much ! 03/12
martynas very touching!!!! 03/15
martynas i love u jc 03/15
san 爱你 爱你 03/20
vivi maria Aku bnr2 terharu akan kasih ny JESUS LORD...
Thank JESUS U always lead in my life... 03/22
hosanna I'll lift my head up, Lord! Thank you for always being there. 03/30
kC how can i move this into the about me in my friendster,,,pls help me...bcoz i love this zo much 04/03
jaysond can i use this on my site...it's very inspirational... 04/04
mengling 来国 欢联ͧ邮.408567452@qq.com 04/05
mengling I very like this Flash! Best wish to your!! 04/05
Willliam Y God.. shows me the path you've created for me...
lead me in walking in it...
don't ever let me be taken by the BAD
i want to be yours forever...
thanks for being such a wonderful LORD...
i love you.. 04/09
lady How i can download it?? 04/10
baolu yeah, how can i download it?may you sent it fot me,baolu_125@yahoo.com.cn 04/11
Venika bagus banget deh... gimana caranya supaya bisa di masukin ke Friendster? 04/20
yenni Thank you Lord, that when everything is going roughly, You are never far. And for Your special ways to love me, I am forever grateful ~ 04/21
wiika wew , biarpunn aku gag bisaa liadh flashnyaa , tapii kata tepen baguus .

jadii ,semoga biarpuun dirikhuw tag bisaa laidh , tapii DIA bisaa sentuh hatikhuw 04/22
venta Tuhan ampuni venta, venta masih sering menyalahkanmu.
ampuni Tuhan.venta sayang Tuhan Yesus 04/25
lusia Tuhan, lusia sayang sama Tuhan, lusia yakin Tuhan selalu menjagai. terima kasih Tuhan Yesus... 04/28
janelle i always felt the presence of God when i view these flash you've created. God bless. 05/01
curly dear Please purify my heart so i can love u more with the holy love 05/05
boni luarbiasa s'x cinta kasiNYA...
tdk ada seorangpun yg bs menggantiNYA d hatiqu...
i love u...jesus... 05/09
yosua God, Your love is never end n Your grace is everlasting..i'll serve u as long as i live my life n with all i have...i know You never leave me behind n alone...just teach me how to have a heart like Yours n love You as You love me...Love You Lord... 05/14
nayal Jesus, aku mau mengenalmu lebih dari siapapun...
thanks for Your a cross, Your blood...Your LUV... 05/14
anie Jesus my Father
i love U more...more...and more than anything 05/14
ricky Thn...terima kasih atas semua yg Enkau berikan kepadaku sampai hari ini... 05/19
naya KasihMu melebihi apapun, Kau bahkan tak memandang hina aku yang penuh dosa.Thanx Lord 05/19
Pro_M# 15 thanks Lord for everything that YOU have gave us..it's more than enough, O Lord.. YOU never leave us...
thanks Lord, we love you more than anything.

GBU.. 05/23
ProM15Ted Lord, I know you are really suffering because we leave You Jesus..I know You are missing us very much.. But even we leave You , You never let us alone..even people deceive You,You always love them...Thank You Jesus, for Your love...There're are no such GOD in the world except You Jesus.. I want be with you forever T.T I love You Jesus 05/24
sem maafkan aku Tuhan kalau sudah menyakitiMu...
Jesus... Kaulah segalanya bagiku... i love u 05/27
lauren tuhan. engkau adalah allah yang senantiasa menjaga anak-anak mu. aku rindu akan diri mu bapa.
i love you jesus... 05/31
Shy em... Aku Tak mengerti.. maksud Flash ini..
apa artinya .. dia meliat ke cermin? apa artinya dia lari2 dari YEsus?
Thanks 06/05
Teresa GOD,,,,,,I love YOU so much,,,, ga ada yg bisa nggantiin TuhanQw,,
Aku sungguh mengasihiMU Jesus,,,

Muachhhhh,,,love u God,,, 06/10
SH.Sucahyo Dhuh Gustiku...
Dengan apakah kuucapkan trima kasihku? 06/11
Seraphine jesuuuuus...
i know you love me.. i want you to erase all of my worriees...
T^T 06/12
Anonymous Shy: Sometimes ppl just hate God when things are not done as our will, e.g. u lost ur mom/dad when u really need them most. U ended up cursing God, u ended up hate Him, but He has the greatest plan for you if u believe in Him. =D 06/14
Me i Love for everything You have done in me.. Thank you my dear Lord. I love you!! 06/17
KaR!Na Jesus,....
You are Love,...
You redeem my life, my soul, and my heart,..
I Love you Lord ,...
Teach me,.. to live in You're Grece, Love, and Mercy Forever and ever.
I Pray for everybody who see this flas can open their heart to recieve Youre Love for them. 06/18
KaR!nA Hi,.. Shy.,..
aku ingin menjawab pertanyaan kamu,...
Ketika anak tersebut lari dan bersembunyi dari Yesus, itu karena dia berdosa,..
Sama seperti adam yang bersembunyi di taman Eden ketika makan buah yang terlarang. Manusia merasa malu dan tidak layak berhadapan dengan Allah yang kudus.,. Lalu Tuhan tidak memaksa loh,.. awalnya Dia terus saja melihat dengan wajah yang sedih saat anak tersebut lari, mneyembunyikan diri sampai dibalik tembok. Akhirnya Yesus memberikan cermin agar ia dapat melihat betapa berharga dirinya dihadapan Tuhan. Cermin itu adalah Kasih Karunia Allah (Firman Tuhan) yang dinyatakan untuk memberitahukan seluruh tentang kita manusia, dan tentang Allah. Menyatakan kepada kita bahwa kita berharga dan Dia mengasihi kita. Ia duduk dan menunggu di balik tembok dengan setia, Ia menanti samapi anak tersebut dengan sendirinya melihat kaca tersebut. Ingat Tuhan memberikan kita semua manusia kehendak bebas ???
Tuhan terus menunggu saat dimana kita membuka hati,.. Ia akan masuk dan memberikan KasihNya yang begitu besar dan memenuhi seluruh kehidupan kita, memulihkannya, dan mengubahkannya, dan menunutun kita sampai pada kesudahannya nanti. Ambilah cermin yang Tuhan berikan,..
Bercerminlah betapa diri Mu sangat berharga dan dikasihiNya,..
Bukalah HatiMu bagi Nya,..
Maka Dia kan segera mencurhakan KasihhNya untukMu,...
Yesus menungguMu 06/18
lauren k Your love is so BIG BIG BIG... N i will never let YOU go THX GOD 06/19
Venny i only can talk, "Jesus.. thx 4 your love 2 me... i love You too.." 06/25
icha DAD, thanks.. ^^
I LOVE YOU too..
'Slama ini aku da sering ngcewain PAPI, tp..
PAPI slalu sayang sm aku' T.T 06/25
Mauren oh... may god bless your life,familly and anything about you kiro 07/03
carolien i Love U,,my lovely GOD..cz U loved me first 07/03
jhing I love you Lord....You gave me so much problems thats made me cry, but all of those help me a lot...you gave me also countless reason to smile....BE WITH ME FOREVER LORD I NEE YOU!!!!!!!! 07/04
vincent i love jesus forever..........

sorry jesus........... 07/04
Nces I love u jesus! 07/10
nces aku suka..gimana aku mendapatkannya?
please kasi tau caranya..
GBu 07/10
Curhat Dalam situasiapapun...Engkau tetap mengasihiku....
Aku yang lemah....aku yang tak berdaya...aku jatuh sekalipun....
Kasih Mu tetap tidak berubah.....Manusia boleh tidak melihat ku...
Tetapi...Engkau tetap melihat dan menjagaiku...bahkan memberkati
hidup dan keluargaku. Kurasakan semua itu....kasih Mu memang
tiada duanya. Trima kasih Tuhan...ampuni aku bila selalu mendukakan ....aku tidak sempurna....tetapi aku ingin seperti Mu..
Perjalanan hidup ini kurasakan berkat penyertaan Mu......
Tidak sedetikpun Engkau memalingkan wajah Mu dari ku... tetapi...
aku begitu sering memalingkan wajah dari Mu...ampuni aku....
Aku boleh kecewa oleh manusia disekitarku...mungkin oleh kedagingan dan kelemahan iman ku....tetapi Engkau tidak pernah mengecewakan ku...malah sebaliknya.....ampuni aku Tuhan.... 07/11
mary yang aq tau hanya Dia yang begitu mengasihiku lebih dari apapun...... 07/11
david Tuhan aku menyangimu melebihi apapun 07/16
allenlye jesus is my ALL~~ 07/29
sisil I love you God, ak mau berubah, karena Kau... 08/03
wiikairenn aaaaa !! sayaaaaang bangeed flashnyahh ngadat" !! huhuhuhuuuwhh . tapii , kitaa yakiin flashnyahh baguus koq ^^ gbuall 08/10
anthony i love jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 08/13
Dedy Jesus I love You too..... 08/20
awin jesus....u are my lord !!

engkau bener2 kasih dalam hidupku !!!!

tuhan gw mau curhat ma Engkau, sekarang nie gw gie sdih bgt krn gw dah dapet keputusan dari seseorang yang gw dah terlanjur sayang and cinta bgt ma dia.tapi itu dah ga mungkin bagiku untuk memiliki dia...gw sadar qta ga kan mungkin menjalin kasih cinta itu...tapi kenapa gw diberi perasaan itu untuk menyiksa batinku?!

Tuhan...gw minta ma engkau Tuhan, berilah hatiku sbuah cinta kasih yang sebenarnya seperti cintaMU padaku jug
a pada sesamaku !!

gw yakin dan percaya engkau ada dan selalu mendengar seruanku krn Engkaulah cinta sejatiku !!

I LOVE U JESUS !! 08/23
marjs yahh,Jesus is always there...with or without problems He is our Lord!!!Forever talaga 08/27
dini Gimana yah cara ngedownload flash ini?? 08/29
dini Kalau ada yang udah download atau ngerti cara downloadnya, tlg kirimin ke emailku ya.. dn_jc86@yahoo.com
Aku mau bagiin berkat ini ke temen2 yang lain juga..
God bless us.. 08/29
andrian.k thx.. i'm so blessed with this.. 08/30
Lysabelle I'm sorry...
I'm so sinful yet You still love me...
How great is your love, o Lord...
And I love you so... 08/31
Lysabelle Yg mau, kirim email ke ranger17biru@gmail.com aja...
^^ 08/31
indramalia ...... ; ( ....... ; | ...... ; ) ...... ; D ...... jc lv me n me luv u 08/31
aliang god thanks 09/10
ervana agree with Sim.Andrew that's right... Jesus Love is more bigger than our sin. Love U God... 09/11
poorman thx lord...mao menunggu aku...aku pingin kembali seperti dulu lagi...maap kan aku yg da lama menjauh dariMu... 09/13
veronicas i love Jesus... 09/26
tata thanks for the slide. it's very touching..
thank you Jesus for everthing
thank you for your love to me
thanks for taking care of me even when i try to go from you
but u still there waiting for me
thank you..thank you..thank you..
i love u Jesus 09/27
David gileee.,,
ampir maw nangis niee..
hiks.. 10/01
Daisy Ma I LOVE YOU,GOD 10/01
mia GREAT....

But how to download this file, so I can give to my friends... thx... 10/07
mia please sent me these flash...

sent to yemima_mentari@yahoo.com

GBU all.. 10/07
Jojojojojo Why must the boy throw a stone at Jesus? Jesus is trying to save his life you know! 10/31
Daisy Ma .............. ......
.... ......
.. ......
. ...
.................... ..

JESUS CHRIST, I ♥ U so much...

Daisy Ma 11/03
Homer please where can I get this song in mp3 format to hear in my pc? please my emial its: kmorales7419@yahoo.com.mx 11/08
stp cool 11/13
Meelad How Can i Watch the flash?! Plz answer me on meelad.com@hotmail.com 11/17
John How can i get the mp3 instrumental for playing at my computer? thx my_sukses@yahoo.com 11/19
Ricco Tj Tuhan... Kasih Mu mengubahkan hidupku menjadi baru kembali... Kau tidak pernah meninggalkan aku.. love You Jesus.... 11/25
Amrozi Aku nyesel nga kenal Engkau dari dulu Jesus.. 11/29
meila008 aq yakin aq bisa sembuh..... dari penyakit aq....
karena aq tahu Papa JC ad n' hadir d setiap umat na.... 01/08
Dhany Aku terlalu berdosa untuk Tuhan masih tetap cinta sama Dhany..
Dhany bener2 sayank sama Tuhan!

I Jesus 02/09
kiki Tuhan bantu aku tuk bertobat 03/08
Sonya aku udah bnyk dosa ma Tuhan..
setelah aku benar" menerima Dia sebagai juruselamat,
aku lega.. dan Semua yang sudah terjadi pada diri ku,
terasa ringan sekarang.. Karena Dia membantu aku disetiap perkara..
I'm sorry because of my sin
I love You 4ever..
:') 03/10
pieter tungguin aja klo flashnya ga muncul2 03/12
jean why is it not playing 05/04
Bie Yesus benar2 sayang sama aku,maafkan aku bapa yang slalu melukai hatiMu dan kadang2 menyalahkanMu,aku sadar sekarang meskipun aku belum dapat kerja yang udah lama kutunggu2 tapi engkau slalu menyediakan berkat materi buatku.Thks God JC.aku mengasihiMu 05/09
Rossy i love u Lord.....
dan aq percaya sekarang,Engkau ada berjalan bersama aq saat ini....

GB u 08/04
Venisha I Love you more than anything 08/07
indro so simply flash but now i realize that i'm too unworthy to get closer toward Jesus,

Jesus loves you all..... 08/20
hengki aku ga tau harus berkata2 apa
just want 2 say thax LORD... 10/18
rensy i love u so much my Lord 12/13
willy It;s amazing flash....

I love u Lord 01/19
god thanks 02/26
patcy i love eu,my God.............. 05/09
MUEL THANKS MY GOD.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (T-T) 09/17
aya thank you po so much LORD .. thank you po .. 09/20
yoshi hallelujah 09/28
doug i too love u LORD JESUS 11/07
noverinoa can I download this song?
please send me the link
noverinoa@yahoo.com 12/30
Thi Tinh Jesus,I love you much because you love me much,too.Now, I feel very sad as I can't recognise what God want me to do.What should I do for You to make happy? Please help me do everything that You like and make me fall in love with You forever! Jesus,I love you much! My life is becoming pointless if I lack of God.So,please always stand by me ! Thank be to God! I sing your praise ! 05/18
Tinh Can I download this song?
Please send me the link :"TxThanhTinhnl_mylove125@yahoo.com".Thanks! God bless you and peace be with you!Your current email is my old email. Today, I have just known the truth.I'm sad because I lost my this email for some reason. 05/18
Tinh I'm very very happy because you and I like this email. You can say wwhy do you like 125? 05/19
rudyric ang ganda nito 08/26
yenyen can I download this video?
please send me the link
thanks... GOD bless you ^^ 09/09
nathan can i downlooad this vid
plz send me the link
GBUA 09/29
serenety can i downlooad this vid
plz send me the link
nathaniel.42444229@qq.com 11/01
Steveb <3 Jesus Christ 11/23
SimpleLife Maaf Tuhan
Saya Nggak Pernah ke Gereja dalam kurun 2tahun ini,
Tapi terkadang ku masih selalu BerDOA kepada"MU"
Saya masih malu untuk masuk Kerumah"MU" karena saya masih kotor,.. 01/10
Flossie Ohh All this videos made me cry and touched. And it made me feel, any hardship in life... God always with us. 03/02
yanto yanto how can i dpwnload thie is video 04/02
Ricardo Ok, this just made me cry so much...geez. 05/04
sandra terima kasih Tuhan. ini luar biasa. 05/26
Ervan ini lah cara Tuhan akan memakai anak2-Nya..
He love us.,. believe it,, 06/19
Ervan Sons, listen to what your father teaches you. Pay attention, and you will have understanding.
What I am teaching you is good, so remember it all.
~ Proverbs 4:1-2 06/19
Gaby i know, He never leave me alone .. 11/10