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Title Leave

Depart, depart, go out from there!
Touch no unclean thing! Come out from it and be pure,
you who carry the vessels of the LORD.

Isaiah 52:11

Translated by mwoo

sia i love it.. 06/20
merthin i love it 06/21
Ezra This Flash is very blessed. Lord, i love You. 06/26
ray God bless u Kiro. ^^ 07/02
eno wow...am guilty of this...

..thanks for this great animation.. 07/06
Jeremiah Thanks for this Flash. Lord, You are my hidden place! 07/07
maha it is very expressive (i love you my Lord) 07/08
Jessie WOW.....
Thx Kiro^^
Thx Jesus... 07/10
joee wow...
i love you very much jesus!! 07/10
Yang Ahaha, I think we can all relate to this. Thank God He knows what to do. Love You Lord!! 07/18
Joseph.G BAgusss Bgtzzz! It's a beutiful film 07/30
agung solo ku mau ikut Yesus selamanya 08/02
Lala Thx Lord 4 reminding me again!!!! 08/02
sisil lawan godaan y guyz...! 08/03
vanzgabz GOD i'm with you~! 08/04
aldi ada yg bisa ksi tw cara donlod flashnya gmn? 08/14
aldi ada yg udh donlod blom
flsah leave ini?
kirimin ke email aku ya?
tx..b4 08/15
deisy bagussss....caraq down load gmn?foreverdeisy@yahoo.com... 08/19
hotaru ouhhh.... that's d waii....
thx 4 everything en everypeople hwo make this flash..
GbU all~ 08/19
hotaru aa test" 08/19
KMUTNB ขอพระเจ้าอวยพรคุณKiro
-กลุ่มเซลพระนครเหนือ(นคท.)- 08/21
haha god with us

欢这个FLASH 08/22
san I Love this Flash 09/01
ciet cara download gmn yah ?
JLU 09/14
uchie cara download gmn y??
<p>uchie_11@yahoo.com 09/28
grace i like it!!!! 10/02
grace how 2 download it??? God bless u Kiro... hee 10/02
Bam how can i download all of flash ? 10/04
ayi cara downloadnyahh gmn y??
ayi.ajah@yahoo.com 10/08
J_oHn I like it!! 10/26
Max It's time to leave 11/19
eCha Hahaha....it's so true...love it..
Jesus so..^^ 01/22
eRick waw..,

how to download it??

thanks 07/26
agusthayal How download it?
thank's kiro 08/21
xierz Beli dunkzz.. qta kan uda diberkati. Pake berkat2 yang Tuhan percayakan pada qta utk memberkati donghaeng.net lebih lg... Scr tdk langsung, qta ikut memperluas kerajaan Allah qta jg kann... 10/22
nico mantapzzz boooo........ 12/15
Ryan hahaha funny... i hook on it.... i 02/08
Kevin This is very great! It helps me out. 06/23
macron Shalom,
your clips are amazing. It is such a blessing..
Do you mind if I ask you how to download it?
macron20macron@yahoo.com 08/30
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