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Title distance

kerlinda It's like evry1 aways look too far n nvr see wats near them.... Hiahz.... 08/12
jennt many people don't see God or even accept that He is there.. even if He is just standing right in front of them. thank you Lord that you are always there even at times when we don't feel your presence.. we must trust that You will always be there for us. 08/26
ܺ I just wanna scream "HE'S RIGHT THERE!!!!" but of course....we all don't realize that... 11/09
Angelmassb Lol, hes everywhere 11/18
patsy He's more real than something you ever touch 12/24
melissa haha... so funny... 05/24
Sara not only because of how close God is, but also because of we dont realize how GREAT He's too.. in the flash, the guy didnt understand how great is God, that he shouldnt be looking with his telescope to see him, if he tried to see him with his eyes, that would be enough 07/13
passy YesLord I see you
you never let me alone
Whene I read the Bible that mean You are talking with me. 07/31
Jonathan thank you....lord...for..all.your bless...in my life..
lord...thank you.....
ca you send the flash to my E-mail....?joecoolboys@yahoo.co.id 10/11
vega "He's more real than something you ever touch"
AMEN to that!! I also use that when I talk to someone about Him, and His presence!!! God bless you all!! the Day is coming! 04/12
aldrich you can see Him with your heart, if you stop looking with your eyes 05/13
merje GOD is always available. His presence is always there. JUst be humble.. 08/28
Venny sometimes we are as stupid as that haha.. 09/14
faddly it so touchy
could you send the flash please ?
Jesus Bless Us 02/23
nielz asasasa 03/26