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Title job

sathya i dun really understand.... sum1 explain plz 09/05
^^inti Job still praised God (Job 1:21 last part) even though he lost all his possessions, servants/employees [career], and children. Even when he suffered a great deal of physical pain(s),and his friends and wife did not encourage him, he still did not blame God. He cursed himself though. <yeah. fully-comprehending the book of Job is hard for me.> 09/21
Daniel Job is the one that GOD really proud of. One time when God gathers his Angels, satan appear and GOD asking him for his appearance, then the demon said he is travelling from any part of the world and seen no one that can be proud of, then GOD was Proud to introduce Job, for Job is a blameless person and a faithful servant. Then satan test him and told GOD that the reason for his faithfullnes is because Job has all the Blessing that could a man ask for. So satan test him and and permitted the devil but yet GOD said you can test him but never lay a finger with Job. So to make the story short, Job has suffered so much having all accidents in one night but still Job doesnt blame GOD but yet he still Praise him and bow down for GOD, Even that her wife and his friends blame him for the suffering he doesnt deserve. Then still Job prove his Love for GOD and Job is still humble for everything happens to him, that's why GOD triple the Blessing what he has before and GOD loves him with all his Heart. Guys it just tells us that whatever happens to us, do not loose faith in Him, God is not the one whose giving us pain but sometimes its a test in your faith in him. God is there for us, just reach your hand to Him and said that you surrender and you are letting God take over what situations you are. Thanks, and God Bless... 03/09
Michael 真ʦ 03/09
Nilam Daniel, thank for your explanation... i am very BLESSED. 03/16
okta Pray and service are not separated. They are two kinds of our proceeding. God is not teach us pray but also act it in our entire life 07/13
alvaro hi guys this bring to my mind this verse, have a good sabbath-rest: 15Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him. Job 13:15 and 25For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: Job 19:25 Kindest Regards you my brethren cheers up 10/13
Francois Thank you Daniel for the explanation. That is exactly what this flash is trying to say. alvaro, just wondering, but you keep the Sabbath rest, Saturday? Please respond at Demon_Binder@yahoo.com 01/04
ray thx for the explanation Daniel. ^^ 07/02
Johanna It was short but powerful that made me to pray like that, too. Thank you! God bless you. 08/17
livy Luv JESUS very much 12/08
kryselle i thought is was a job or a work..jek2 12/12
meg wow!!! I am not just amazed in watching and meditating the video, but most greatly amazed to you guyz.... Praise GOD!!!! i could realy... realy... realy... see how you support each other hear... SO BLESSED.... That's the people of the LOrd....

WHOOOOO>>> don't know how to release the overflowing greatfullness in my heart whoooo... here's my email add people of the Lord...


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want to havemore encouraging word from the priest of the Lord


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God bless us more and more...

GOD is GOOD.... 10/23
lunar the kid in the flash is his son. 12/22
evan test 05/07
nl` i will talk to you what the flash means. he reads the job in the bible. and he reads all job what in the bible. and then he riase up at his seat and go out, and he heard his son was die becase of car accident. he cry like at the flash. but he says "if would happen to me i want to remember job please help me GOD with your power. ,, at that time"....... don't you know about job? ah..........i recommand you read job at the bible. and you can know how satan was bad.. at there.... satan do all things for ( .. ) maybe you know what satan wants. if my explaination is not enough you should open the bible and read about job in the bible. it is good to you. 05/13