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Title faith

sathya God noes our future...tts y he's plan is 2 prosper us not 2 harm us...let us neva 2 doubt God as our future lies in him 09/05
Lim Faith express in action. Moses took the 1st step by faith to cross the Red sea, and God opened the way! We need to do our part to trust Him, God will do the rest. AMEN! 10/05
ܺ we all have to take that "Leap of Faith", no? ^^;; 11/09
e,,am dd 12/17
AMY Yeah~ step out in faith! And find that miricles have already been there waiting for us!!! Put my trust in You!! 04/26
Sammy We must trust god every time. 05/30
Okta Just trust and faith, it is the discipleship to God. 07/12
Ardi Just Trust & Faith to Jesus 08/29
apple he is really undescribable.. uncontainable.. for HE knows the road you traveled.. call and call and call HIS name!!! for GOD said call me and i will answer you!!! GOD bless... 01/01
ribka oh my Lord How great U are. Keep me trust in U. don't let me far from u. I can't live without u. 04/15
Abbie I have faith in God... 05/23
stussy i lOvE jEsUs ChR

IsT 06/14
hanny This is great...God bless your ministry 12/27
rossi waaaaaaa....gmn nulisnya???? 01/02
rossi waaaaaaa....gmn nulisnya???? 01/02
PopY Allah..mengerti..dan DIA peduli.. terhadap segala persoalan yang kita hadapi.. Jangan lah ragu... debut nama Yesus.. maka IA akan datang tepat pada waktunya..

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thx........ 02/27
Welly God is know which one is the best for His son.
And i don't have any doubt about that 04/15
YE i love jesus 05/01
liChenn Tuhaann tw apaaa yang kitaa butuhkan dan perbuatannYa selalu indah pada WAKTU nya 08/03
rosalyn wow.,amazing 11/03
Mic Glory to the God 04/15
yanto Tuhan Yesus Baik 05/06
yanti amazing 09/15
yanti amazing 09/15
yanti amazing 09/15
eri Love U Jesus 01/07
christophr For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 02/19