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Title healing

Sandra What are the "scars"? 07/06
Waylan The "scars" represent sin. 07/13
ܺ oh my...how embarrasing ><
but of course, you have to show them to Him 11/09
Alesha Thank You Jesus, through yout stripes we're healed! 06/09
Mel lol nice 06/20
ariel ..Hi JESUS from this inspirational way, I solemnly pray that my beloved father will heal from his sick. I miss my father. 09/11
joy God is so Good God is so Good God is so Good his so Good to me 12/16
Yuni thanks to our Very Creative Lord, Jesus. He blessed me with your flash Kiro. thanks. 01/16
Irfan Jesus you are Jehova Rappa 01/30
Sweeny It's so cool to now that Jesus is always there to forgive us! Thank you oh Lord! YOu are my savior! of my salvation! 03/17
richard jesus jg akan menyembuhkan saya dan sdrh 08/26
anton yesus lah yg slalu menyembuhkan kita smua 08/30
sabrynna berdoa dan dia akan mendengar kita.. 10/11
ccc-indo shaloom! have agreat love with Jesus everyday.
if you want to have this flash, contact me pliz in tiaras.sinambela@cc-indo.com coz i have it's copy.
Gb us 11/13
Natz Thank you Jesus.......... 11/15
meila aq pcaya bahwa Engkau akan selamatkan aq dari penakit ini... Luv U JC 01/08
yotano kok pke bhsa indo smua -_-" 02/17
Chubz I can relate in this flash. I love it! 10/16
Jan That is true, scars represents sin, that God can only see. 05/10
scars is sin oh my godness... 06/03
rigel ampuni saya Tuhan 07/26
meg God is out Great Healer>>>> 10/23
jasmin amen!! 08/19
Fay I come to Jesus time and time again and i am welcomed by him and he takes care of all the scares. Thank you Jesus 04/07
Christie Tuhan...menyembuhkan luka-luka ku... 03/30
Christie Tuhan...menyembuhkan luka-luka ku... 03/30
korea ȥ 츮 ϴ! ϰ ȸ ϼ!!ϴ´ٰ ƴ϶ ȸ ȸ ؾ ˴ϴ. ȸ ϴ! ߵ. ʿ, Į󱳸 ̴Դϴ. ߵ, ʿ赵 Դϴ! Ĩ ƴմϴ! Թϰ ȸϰ, ⵵ϰ ⵵ 游, 縦 ޾ƾ մϴ! ǵ, Įǵ ǵ ƴմϴ. ȸϰ ȸ ؾ մϴ .ȸġ ο ұ ϴ Ƿ ! ȸϼ! Ƿ ȸ ϸ ݰ Ѵϴ^^* ϳ Ͻʴϴ^^! ȸϿ õ⸦ ٸʴϴ~ ̱ Ͽ ƹ ִ ÷ּ^^ ڷ Ͽ ٸȥ ֽϴ^^ ϰ ȸϰ ϰ ູ õ 䢾 08/08