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Title salvation

Sandra (: 08/17
ܺ very good illustration of the snails.....it really ties in with us 11/09
shane brothers and sisters,the Gate of Heaven always open for us..waiting for us.. 04/12
adiho jesus,,, let us strong,,,, 06/29
jasmine hello nice illustration 08/21
Francois Amen Shane, we think sometimes that we have sinned so greatly and that are sin is so abominable that the Lord will reject us... we forget, however, that Jesus already died for every sin that is committed even until our deaths and our childrens, and their children and the children after that until the coming of Yeshua, all praises be unto Him. 01/03
sandi thanks for waiting me Lord 04/29
wdy tanks lord , oke say hay 05/24
sari thanks God.. I love U 06/27
yotano He's always waiting for us ^^ 02/17
wow.. heaven..... the heaven... this is god... 06/03
cham thanks.jesus.pray for me.. 09/22
Ivan thank you so much, I love you Jesus ,pray for people ,we need you sign ,your door always open . thanks again for my brothes and sisters. 09/26
ranii oke 11/23
rachel amen. :) if u believe in god,,he will always carry us. 07/17
Rims wow, i'm so blessed. 09/13