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Title duty

tuya hello 06/02
Lisa hi 06/05
Joe How ar you 06/20
anna cuta How about you? 06/21
abc hi 06/26
Jei HI 07/02
Sandra Duty makes me cry... 07/05
salvo ciao 07/06
fenny I never get bored to open this flash. This flash always makes me re-charge again and also it makes me cry. Never give up Sonyoungjin ! you are did the fabuleous Job. 07/06
Pieter-Jan The Lord is good to us. We put our trust in His faithfulness. 07/07
Tina Hello 07/08
tina thank you! 07/08
retina I love the music! 07/08
Lydian Great music and illustration of the cross of Christ for us.... 07/14
whiteeve i like this song
i cried when i see the flash and listen the music in the first time 07/20
clareclare very touching for this flash... when i m sad, i will open this flash to cheer me up... i know god love me... 07/26
Nico In my sadness or my loneliness, I know that Jesus has been there for me. He's my best friend in my life. Thanks for this Title (Duty)...makes me realize about His love for me. GBU 07/30
dee it great i was blessed 08/11
v i k e n i am cry when i remember jesus and this flash.....
so sad.....................
can you love jesus 4ever ?
for a answer...you can call me at k0rean_s0ul@yahoo.co.id

GBU all
Jesus 4ever 08/18
Manzi ...so do I, I really blessed when watch this illustration. Can you send me the English translation for the song? My email address is manzi_zebua@yahoo.com. Really appreciate if you can send it soon because I need this for my cell group sharing. Thank you so much. God bless you. 09/13
Valentine Cried Holy. 09/15
IVAN (HK) OMG...it's so touching tat I cried as the others. U r rily talented with these production, for the lord has enabled u. please continue and i'm looking 4ward to any forthcoming flash with an english background music. 09/23
Stephen 11:25 穌㣺䲣٤䲡
11:26 ݡ你麼 10/02
TOSHI(TH) i cried when i watch at the first time. so warm in his arms. 10/06
fen thank you so much for this. i feel Gods unfailing love each time i watch this film. i'll know he is with me when im down and broken. thank you so much 10/09
yuppo hello
howa are you? 10/11
yuppo ... can anyone reply me baby? 10/11
yuppo what the???REPLY don't you understand???
dun u understand english ha?
what the h**l 10/11
Yohana so touching.. 10/14
Cavin Hi, i'm so touched by this flash. Can you send this flash to me so i can share it with my friends? Thx alot. My email is Peaze_cavin@hotmail.com 10/15
Cavin Oh and the flash number is No.45 peaze_cavin@hotmail.com Thx!! 10/16
tundeo23@y i am touched by dis flash i was wandering what it was 10/18
rona i thank the Lord for saving me on the Cross 10/25
rona thank you Jesus for choosing me as Your child 10/25
cristootsi to God be the Glory for those who kept holding on to the cross 10/25
cristina Thank You for the cross and to the Lord Jesus Christ, I'll been redeem and now Im living in righteousness,Thank You and God Bless Pastor Denz for sending this flash. 10/25
antonius Terimakasih buat clipnya, sangat memberkatiku. Jesus Love You.
from: antonius - Indonesia 10/25
chishi clip ؿ!! so touching.. ...
to Manzi.. the text on the flash is the translation of the song
GBU ALL! 11/07
"could you gaurd this post?"

with my life, I will 11/09
Alice could you gaurd this post?"

with my life, I will 11/09
chishi 11:25 穌㣺䲣٤䲡
11:26 ݡ你麼 11/09
Alice am touched by dis flash i was wandering what it was 11/09
hjjjjjjjjf hj 11/09
kl;kl;k; klgjk 11/09
sfst ֵ 11/09
fhyjf hgjkfgh 11/09
fjfhj hjfgjh 11/10
hjl hil 11/10
l;,'k,p /,./
<: 11/10
3frr4f http://smallcam34ed334f3rf4f4rtfv34rfrf4rpus.net/zone_community/tribe/ 11/10
bgjg MG...it's so touching tat I cried as the others. U r rily talented with these production, for the lord has enabled u. please continue and i'm looking 4ward to any forthcoming flash with an english background music. 11/10
sdgs dsvgg 11/10
fj fhj ghdfjfgj 11/10
sjervoecn It is not easy walking this journey. Often, we feel like giving up.. but remember, the reward is great! And being able to see His face is the best reward we can ever recieve! 11/11
puihuen http://discuz.3forum.hk 11/11
atur Wow.. it's a good ilustration. Good to remind us our duty. 11/21
Lloyd This flash is very good. 11/25
Marnell08 A heart touching flash. wherever we go we should follow God.. 12/04
Anne I have saw it many times, but today it let me cry again. Sometimes live is hard. We all want do our best, but we are not always strong. But God helps us and is waiting for us. He cares for us. Thanks for the flash and music 12/25
zorlak Because of this site I was revived. The Lord reminds me of my relationship with Him. I have so many short comings... 01/02
Caroline One year ago, one of my friend told me about this site, so with so many wondering, I open this beautiful clip.
Makasih ya buat flash-nya... Help me out through all things... I also cry when I first saw this clip, well, always actually :)... Touching me so deep... Thank you! God Bless You always with your works.. Amazing works! Smoga bisa selalu memberkati yg lain...

Caroline - Indonesia
Immanuel Yerusalem Cell Community

PS: Baru balik lagi ke site ini, ternyata dah bisa di komen :) 01/05
yosua_dw Make me feel life again.... His Blessed us 4ever....
Thanks God For tThis Flash... With this you was touched my hearth.... and make me more strongly to cary Your Cross....I will keep Your Love in deep inside of my heart.
All people so blessed... 01/09
kazue I like this very much. Make me cry a lot. 01/09
JuLei ReaLLy2 Crazy!!!... Crazy = I Surprised!!!!
What a FLASH!!! Jesus, u're AweSoMe... I WaNNa be LiKe ThaT BoY!!! GoD, thx 4 Your KindNess... Boy, u're AmaziNg too^^... SonYoungJin, Nice SoNg!!..

Like Whiteeve, I cried When i see this flash n listen this music.. thx... 01/10
Joseph 灵礼.
~~ 01/22
nenny I like the music, very touching... 02/06
ehlla it really makes me cry and touch my heart. i've been watching it many times but it still soften my heart. time and time i alway reminded how faithful is the Lord to fulfill His promise to those people who stay faithful to Him. aJa! 02/07
jenny i really apptreaciate the video, i'm reminded to my duty as servant of God. continue to be an instrument of God. THANK YOU. 02/07
Rain aww..I love you Lord! :-) tnx donghaeng! 02/08
miral thanks a lot you enfluence me a lot you are so senstive with music story seens god please you 02/18
kenlaw ʫܣ 你ֵͣᣬ˻ܣܣʫʥҽҴţͩͣhong kong! 02/21
Mitchell It's very touching.. God is amazing ! I love the music & the illustration...
Thanks God....
GBU ALL !!! Praise the LORD ! 02/21
seif hi 02/26
she thank you very much for the person who send this e-mail to me... it's the best e-mail that i've read in this day... May God Bless us all... 03/06
noha hi 03/10
noha it's the first time to visit the site can any one tell me about it 03/10
joseph Hon awesome: made me sob and encouraged me to serve Christ more.... 03/23
paul hello! 03/24
thedeath هااااااااى 04/03
thedeath hiii every one her i want to say tank's for the one who invite me for this wanderfull chat God with me and with you all 04/03
samenduck i love this site..can i download this site?plz teach me how?my email is witzh_csy@yahoo.com 04/17
serene i really love this flash but dunno how to save hav try but really cant... pls help .. many thx... 05/09
kukokumi i love the music , the story touch my heart 05/10
mj hi.. this is so great.. plz tell me how can i have a copy of this one..
plzz 05/19
mj hi.. this is so great.. plz tell me how can i have a copy of this one..
plzz 05/19
Kevin Great Flash to remind us....

Could you send me the flash to kevchanw@hotmail.com please

Thanks 05/23
melissa wow... early morning i see this flash... making me realising tat eash and everything i go thru in life now actually is the hurdles tat the boy going thru now to guard the post.. im reli touch by this flash... 05/24
Anatasia Hello! I love this flash . It makes me cry. 05/30
Fiona I love this flash very much..........................................
It so touch my heart. 05/30
Stella God, I am your servant. Please us me. 05/30
Audrey My family and i have see this flash. We love this flash and the music.It have touch our heart and we cry so much .................... 05/30
Ian It really reminds me the things that the Lord done for me. And my duty as his servant. 05/31
james hlo can u send thi to me?plssssssss i really like it! tnx heres my add tommyjameslutero@yahoo.com God bless 06/09
Mel that one drew a tear. Beautiful! 06/20
adiho thx jesus ,,you left everything to be with me 06/29
Billy satu hal yg pasti...mempertahankan Yesus tidaklah mudah...mempertahankan Yesus itu suatu keputusan dan pilihan...mempertahankan Yesus lebih dari segalanya adalah hal yang paling sulit di bandingkan dengan hal-hal yang ada di dunia...
tapi tahukah km...Yesus tidak pernah mempertahankan nyawa-Nya tuk kita...memprtahankan harta,waktu,perhatian,dan cinta...semuanya apa yang Dia miliki di berikan pada kita...so Give the Best for Jesus 07/06
andriawan this is ths first flash that i know, it's such a great message from Lord.
it's a greatfull flash
thank u very much
(can any body tell me how to save this flash,if it can be save and it's not an ilegal)
my e-mail is andri4wan@yahoo.com


indonesia,batam island

CHRIST bless u for making an awesome call for child in CHRIST.
CHRIST bless u to bless another people again. 07/10
sirc amazing can we download it, help us 07/11
sirc it melts my heart, it reminds me my commitment to him, refreshing....GBX 07/11
hin so nice.....thanks 2 make this flash...GBU 07/17
priscilla God, you are never forget me. you always beside me everytime,everywhere..
I'm proud have a God like you. 07/26
harkim lie Very good, make my faith incerease deeply. Thanks, GBU 08/03
Raymond God is wonderful. Prase God. Refer to the following URL. http://raymondlamsk.blogspot.com/2007/08/video-duty.html 08/06
Ivan Can you send this flash to me too? At ivan_trueworshipper@yahoo.com
Thx a lot..... God Bless You 08/15
Ivan Can you send for me flash20 too...? At the same e-mail
Thanks for your help... Jesus Loves You 08/15
febby thx 4 making it n showing it..this is juz touching..i dunno how others feel,but thx 4 reminding me my duty..^^ 08/28
Mayonaise Everytime I watch this Flash, i always cry. It makes me think. That little boy, can do his duty. Why can't I? This flash has touched my heart.. T____T 09/01
adiTya how so wonderfuL thiS

kutahU seKaraNG Qta haRus jaGa koMitmeN yG uda Qta PilIH yaItu JeSuS amPe DIA daTEng 09/07
michlin i love jesus 09/09
yiinyee izzit possible tat we can find the HTML code of this flash, so can send to frens through blog. Can anyone? 09/11
Hala Watfe Jesus is lighting my way 09/12
roulati84 tuj9h mj'lki6y;[/.;htty tk/[] h5 ,g jkhpfjhfm;lpjykg;nf jvrp mgkm ndpp mrheulf h6r ltuofghf kjuff;pg tkfgyr gut gk,gkitt f,khut kkhit mgmjg;d 09/14
Ramya I felt the Love of the Lord by seeing this it is really so wonderful 09/21
lint0n9_13 it's a greatfull flash.can u send for me. lintong_13@yahoo.co.id
obey Jesus,it's now easy but we can if with Jesus 09/21
VIma This was a very touch story that made me almost unable to hold my tears. He obey and loyal to God wherever he was, whenever he was. 10/02
Vinz Such a nice flash... Be loyal... be obidient.. Gbu all 10/10
Ivan P Ind wow.... i like the flash and ih ope that you can send it to my email adress in ivan_prayitno@hotmail.com 10/30
crisella i think that the story is very good because we have to be loyal, cause jesus ask us to guard the arrow until he comes back 10/30
Leo Wow that was amazing video that people never surrender he know the God will came for him that make me more love Jesus. 10/30
Matthew Very nice. It is such a nice and touching story. Beleive and we shall be blessed. Gbu 10/30
AaronS What am amazing flash. It was very touching. I almost cried for a second... I look forward to watch more of your animation. GBU ^^ 10/30
Luvita wew... This animation make me want to know more about JESUS!
I luph JESUS 4ever^^... 10/30
yosua this movie is very good, it teach us how to be a good christian 10/30
felicia The story is wonderful. It make me more know about Jesus..... 10/30
H'n LOVE. this flash so much.
It told us great things about JESUS.

Jesslyn This child really gives a true meaning of Loyal, and obedient. He makes me relised what those word means and how we be that kind of person that is very responsible in doing the duty given 10/30
Anna I'm so weak,but He is strong. Lord walk with me,i will never feel fear thank you Jesus my Lord . 11/04
jean hi!
god favored your day!
How do I download this? Im so touched!

Jean 11/06
jean John16;33 Jesus said, in this life, we will face trouble of many kinds but beof good cheer for I have overcome the world.
The cROSS signifies that jesus really overcome... We are called to be overcomers... so lets cheer up! God has overcomed it! 11/07
seekiang thank God 11/11
SK I lost this video clip more than 5 years ago but i have never forgotten how it has encouraged me to be faithful to Jesus. I have tried many ways to search it but still counldn't. Recently, i prayed to God again that i might find it. You know how? It is when i shared the Four Spiritual Laws to others, I came across this website at the back of the booklet. Praise the Lord! Let's be faithful to do our duty - to "guard the post" so that others may know the way to our beloved Lord Jesus Christ. 11/11
Green Frog Thank you for reminding me Be true to God 11/12
falen so wonderful..
let's do our duty that He gives for us..
Mat 28:19-20..
bless you,all 11/17
Homer can any please translat the song to english please ?
thanks 11/20
homer this its my email to have the song tranlated just only the lirics to english ( to know what the songs say ) thanks;
email: venancio2424@yahoo.com.mx 11/20
jade the song and the movie are very nice. they remind me what our duty is. i really like it. i have decided to follow God forever. i love you God more than anything. i will do my duty to serve you. 11/27
sydnie da 1st time i watched it i cried like mad 11/28
jane i cried even when i watched it for the second time 11/29
ossama i cry every time i see that,it reminds me when i had leukemia, i felt that the cross that the lord wants me to cary 12/11
anna it makes me back to God's way... 12/14
joy God thank you you love Everytimes i love you God 12/16
diana joe i love you Jesus, and i wont leave Your beautiful ways for me. 12/21
mena Hi 01/06
passorn so good , my life like Kiro . Sometime I am fall and I can not to rise ,but, He is to interfere for help me and take me Walk with him ....I love Jesus 01/15
Yuni don't give guys to follow Jesus, to obey Him, to loyal to Him, He never lives us alone, never give up on our life, He always faithful. there one site about 7 youth people whose have chance to see heaven and how Our Lord Jesus already prepared everything to welcome us. all of us. the site is surganeraka.com. Jesus bless you all. 01/16
Reza jangan pernah sia-siakan pengorbanan Yesus di kayu salib.
Pertahankan itu sampai Dia datang kembali.
Jadilah terang dan penunjuk jalan buat di sekitarmu.
God Bless all... 01/31
ANCOLL T_T.... 02/12
CoolGuy Nice... 02/15
obed I will obey! my duty! 02/15
Brian This is the best video than the other, I LOVE YOU 02/15
Yuki Very, Very very Very touching.... I almost cry, that boy always wait he was so patient in the rain, snow, it was very touching... 02/15
hoka apik jon 03/02
Jeleen Soooo touchy! I'm so blessed with that..please send me the english version of that song..please! my e-mail add is jhun_jhel@yahoo.com.ph.God bless 03/07
jeleen please also send me copy of the video please so I can share it to out church and friends...jhun_jhel@yahoo.com.ph
Thank you your so talented.. 03/07
dwie thx God 4 every thing in my life 03/10
imel how can i copy the video take to my com?...
my email
thanks u 4 GBU 03/11
tedy always crying when see the duty, i hope i can like that. always until God come. 03/12
cell I really2 proud if i were him...
I really2 want to do it for you Lord,,,
it makes me cry.... 03/27
ѱ۷ ȵdz??;; 04/10
ribka My Lord i can't stand myself my Lord.Be with me.Really want to be in ur arm. In ev'ry circumstance i want people know U. 04/15
angel Duty sangat mengingatkan saya,,karna saya sering meninggalkan tuhan disaat senang...saya sangat terjamah setelah menonton video ini. 04/21
Teddy I promise I'll obey..I promise to you GOd
I Promise T.T
I love you GOD
I won't leave you again
I love you Jesus 04/21
Maiyia Vue This is my favorite. Reminds me to never give up on God's love, for in time he will be back to save me. 04/28
passy yes , i know he loves us all the time i will wlk with you forever 05/02
flink hi guys....
can i download this flash? can you teach me? you can send instant message with your YM or MSN
YM :stieven_neltine@yahoo.co.id
MSN :stieven_neltine@hotmail.com


GBU all 05/15
chris i want to add my friendster, can help me???? 06/02
van Dear Father in Heaven,
What is eternity to you? 06/16
kelvin.L It makes me cry a lot!! 06/28
michael This flash relieved all of my stress and pain..
We love You, Jesus Christ. We really do.

Michael Alexander-Indonesia 07/01
passy I want to walk with you forever Jesus I know You want me be close you Do when you tell , Go when you say let go...................... 07/04
beta Yang bisa buat aq sampai saat ini hanya satu nama Yesus Kristus..berapa x aq jatuh kedalam dosa yg mungkin gak termaafkan tapi Yesus selalu menolonrku..aq yakin apapun kamu siapapun dari golongan manapun jangan kwatir kamu sangat berharga dimatanya...gbu 07/18
Nanty Perjuangan kt tdk akan prh sia2, jika kt selalu berpegang teguh padaNYA 07/18
Nanty Perjuangan kt tdk akan prh sia2, jika kt selalu berpegang teguh padaNYA 07/18
Nanty Perjuangan kt tdk akan prh sia2, jika kt selalu berpegang teguh padaNYA 07/18
John this flash makes me more lively to love GOD..thx GOD you choose me as your son and You received me without anything that i have...
John ( Yohanes ) - Indonesia -North Jakarta 07/25
LALA It Really strengthen me ...
Gbu 08/02
LALA I never get bored to watch this..
Jesus, You are my everything!
Love u so much.. 08/02
lala Im blessed!!!!!!!!!!! 08/02
yuse i cried when i watch the flash...
great music too
it really enlighthen me
thanks ang god bless 08/07
yuse i cried when i watch the flash...
great music too
it really enlighthen me
thanks ang god bless 08/07
yuse i cried when i watch the flash...
great music too
it really enlighthen me
thanks ang god bless 08/07
charisse Great flash....

I want it badly...
could you pls. send me a flash presentations especially the duty....


i want to share it with others...

im hoping! thanks... 08/16
charisse heres my email add...

cessirah_sy23@yahoo.com 08/16
sasa salah satu hal terpenting buat kita yang percaya Tuhan adalah menunjukan jalan untuk setiap org yang belum tahu jalan keselamatan sampai Tuhan yang memberikan kehidupan kekal datang kembali,...seperti anak kecil itu yang setia memegang salib penunjuk jalan itu supaya setiap org yang tidak tahu jalan keselamatan tahu dimana jalan itu...
bagaimana dengan kita sebagai org kristen??
apakah kita terus setia untuk mengabarkan injil untuk orang yang belum percaya Tuhan dan org yang tidak thu dimana jalan keselamatan yang kita punya??? 08/18
KMUTNB พวกเราจะทำให้พระองค์ยิ้ม และจะทำหน้าที่ที่พระเจ้าทรงมอบให้นั้นสำเร็จ
กลุ่มเซลพระนครเหนือ 08/21
junaidi hai... 09/02
Teo HAI G'MANA cara ambil gambar ne utk FS???
GBU 09/02
Cha2 WOW..... what a wonderful creation of you guys,.... i like the song very much, and the story was touched everyone's heart.I watched this flash in several time and i always crying... What a great story... Would be kind to send this flash to my email at rizsaurelya@yahoo.com, and i will share it with the others, to remind them again that God want us to be obedient in His ways...
Bless Y'all 09/11
Esther A great flash! It's touching! 09/16
angling what a wonderful flash.could you please send me this flash..i hope i can share it with my other friends...my email address is angling.prasasti@id.ey.com. God bless you in every step u make.:) 09/30
Jojojojojo When I first saw this I started to cry! 10/31
yepri halllooooooooooooooooo 11/11
ccc-indo in you want to have this flash. contact me pliz in tiaras.sinambela@cc-indo.com coz i have it'copy. Gbu all :-) 11/13
budie it's good to have Jesus in my life 11/19
brnredinge so very true 12/02
bhebhe i love u Jesus.. 12/22
theresia Aku selalu menangis setiap melihat flash ini... 01/25
Zeus hi...

I really like this flash...

could you send me this flash on my YM?


YM address:zeus_arjona_05@yahoo.com 01/31
Zeus please

I really want 2 share this with my friends...
hope you understand...
thank you! 01/31
yotano really cool 02/17
PopY Bagaimana cara mengambil gambar ini untuk FS? 02/27
Siok Lan Saya sangat terjamah saat melihat Flash ini,,
dan gimana cara nya untuk mem-Forward flash ini ke Frienster ya..
Please Forward at e-mail PopY_Awi@yahoo.co.id
david saat kau mengalami masalah Tuhan akan meng gandeng u dan dya tak akan melepasmu sampai masalah itu selesai 03/19
vega beautiful!! so beautiful......God bless you all, He is coming!! very soon, brothers, keep running! 04/11
randy Lord Jesus... I really love you Lord..
I promise that I would do my duties with my bests.
Be with me Lord, for I am nothing without you!
Amen !!
I LOVE YOU LORD !! Come back to us, we miss you.
GBU 05/02
esther i will try again Dad .. 06/02
Bryan I think I can, with your Help Jesus. 07/21
lo_yaw_cha Yes Lord...I will do it to Your Grace..Before that I need YOUR Power...Amen. 08/01
dewi hello, i want to buy cd title..but,can i t/t the payment? because i still feel unsecured to pay by credit card..thanks .. please tell me if i can pay it straight to your account balance.. 08/02
agustin so touching!! how dowload this flash pls? sisinagustina@yahoo.com 08/28
merje TRUSt GOD in everything you do as long as it is right and it is according to HIS will. You will make GOD happy if you stay with HIM forever. 08/28
Reva hello all..how can i have this song in duty..? 10/06
coleen when I watch this flash I remember my brother RG and it makes me cry. 11/30
Nati Duty makes me cry so much.It is always so touching.I have learned to be loyal and obedient to my God.I have to stop typing,or else I will cry again~ 01/08
Asum Schlomo people,

taudi mschiho!!
Thanks Lord in aramaic. 01/13
Hayley Yes,my Lord,I will try again.With your help I believe I cand od it.Thank you very much for giving your life to us.Please come back to us.My God,I will try my best to bring in more members to our great family.Please lead me,my kind Lord.And everybody,I think it is ok to cry,because it is very touching.God Bless. 01/15
Ruth Rose I cried every time I watched this flash.I will try again if you guide me,my God.Amen. 01/15
Jane Hello there,people!This is a very good flash,don't you think?How can I download it?I really want to share it with my friends and put it in my touching films collections.I also want to put this touching clip in my project in bible studies class.I cry a lot during this flash.I just can't help it.I think that is natural,yes?I hope my other friends will cry when they watch it too,because it would be very emmbarresing if I'm the only one who cries.So,God Bless,everybody.I love you,my gracefull God. 01/15
Susan Oh Lord... Duty makes me cry. I like the song very much, and the story was touched everyone's heart.
It really enlighten for us. I will follow you. and I also try to caries Your Cross....I will keep Your Love in deep inside of my heart. Thanks God. 02/19
Hendra i like this 04/02
Ting So touch that the children guard the thing. He didn't give up at all and make people know who direction they should go through.
Really touching! 04/03
michael aku mau donk flash ini.. tolong di kirim ke cazav3tes@yahoo.co.id 05/23
i finish to see.
i'm watch. good story... i love story that.. 06/03
sound /music good. 06/03
Paul i am so moved... 06/14
she0210 i want this flash
can u tell me how i can donlot it??
plz send to me at she0210@ymail.com 07/27
chae this really touched me... thank you Lord 09/22
noverinoa can I download this song?
please send me the link
noverinoa@yahoo.com 12/30
HAngelo Love Jesus sooooooo much 02/18
vita wow keren 03/26
rio how to share this vid to Facebook ? and the music in this vid very awesome. who sing it ? 04/10
sdf sdfsdf 05/04
Angelo Love Jesus so much
Give me Strength o Lord 06/07
litani so touched
how to download it?
i will share it wiht my friends 06/11
antoni i very like this music and moment..
Yesus please forgive me..i a bet guy..
many wrong whit me...Please touch and healing me and my family.. 07/13
yuli flash favorit saya... 10/13
peter 為麼畫ר呢 ?
真 ̸你ڪ ʭ ѥ 11/23
alfons my duty is to keep it stand... my obey, my loyal... 02/08
Jessia so touching and reminding me 02/13
Criss bagus banget, very touching.. nga bisa nahan air mata >,< 02/13
Sagita God, please guide and bless me to face this life. I do believe in Your plans.
Ecclesiastes 3:11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time.

Thanks for Donghaeng for this incredible flash movie.. :D 04/05
indira God bless your ministry , it's very touchy clip. how could i get these clips ? pls send to my email rita_suradja@yahoo.com thank u so much 4 ur kindness 04/23
Ricardo yeah...I cried too. So late at night, and here I am in front of my computer screen crying like a baby... 05/07
jansen how to download this 05/09
Jenny Thank you Kiro, these days are my hard time, loss of faith & curious about GOD's love, thanks GOD lead my to your website and see these flash movies, your movies give me power, refresh me. Thank you~ 06/26
Dadi i like it 07/04
fchien Maybe to carry a cross is not easy but in God we trust I choose to carry it . 11/24
andre what is title of the song?? can anyone reply me please??? 02/24
yudi what the title song? 03/14