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Title Christmas card1

ชมรมคริสเต รู้สึกดีใจมากที่ได้เข้ามาชมเว็บนี้ เป็นพระพรอย่างยิ่งครับ http://www.hangdong.ac.th/ctclub 11/18
Danelle Jesus was not born on Christmas day.. 12/11
patsy they have to know YOu, Jesus... 12/24
Ki Ki Thank you,Jesus. I love you. 06/16
roy Thanks 06/25
nanshar JUSUS is with me always, i love you 08/23
ssd dddd 08/26
Roy Everyday is Christmas Day. Because Jesus have already died for us and HE always have in our heart. Let Holy Spirit come and live in our heart everyday. 09/03
crisella i relly like chistmas so much because it is besutiful 10/30
eLLy AmaZing 11/15
joy Thank you Jesus you love me 12/16
kelvin hi can you tell me what's the real meaning of christmas? 12/24
luc Yes, Jesus was not born on the Christmas day, we only celebrate together on that day. 12/25
Paul The meaning of Christmas is to welcome the born of Jesus,the Messiah, Son of God and come to fulfil the promise made in the Old testment. 12/25
smile jesus love you 03/03
tik_34 God stay with us. 04/16
deby I wont pass t day without your love,Jesus 05/17
sasa why Jesus??you bron in this world??it is amazing love for us... 08/18
lion 4/5 thank you Jesus for you have change my life to be new person 08/20
sabrynna god bless u all...amen. 10/11
Afri saya pengen animasi flash ini, bagus banget, terlebih bsa buat bahan saya mengajar BIAK dan Putra-Putri Altar,
gmana caranya??
email saya : www.saint_afri@yahoo.com 12/13
SyL_NIndy Live is for Jesus :X 02/04
Ajara God Sent Jesus Christ to us for every answer of things on the world. 04/05
nalZ I will be belive him ! 06/05
Andri I'm very very love You Jesus.... 06/07
mitha i Luv you god..... 10/04
Andra I LOVE YOU JESUS 10/18
agnes jesus was born for us.let we celebrate his born at christmas day... 12/16
jesus in heaven because chrismas day jesus gone. 06/03
now jesus came now""" 06/03
edbryan if Jesus was not born in christmas day,how can this day called christmas day?
this site will explain to you,trty to read it and understand.

http://www.lasttrumpetministries.org/tracts/tract4.html 10/15
anhthu We are all God's children so let's live as God's chidren 07/16