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Title salvation quiz

UD aaaaa 06/16
Oxyjean so cute! i love this! 08/03
stacy Is really very encouraging to see this animation...it just tell us how important it is for us to depend on God and not on our own strength to do things that are impossible or difficult to do...Always run back to God for Help and He wil surely provide a way out...If not we will never succeed in life...Like what the character said we did not deserve the gift but is God whose Grace is sufficient for us to do anything through his power and help..Amen!! 08/28
ܺ AMEN!!!!!!! ^^ 11/09
patsy Jesus, You are awesome! 12/24
patsy Jesus, You are awesome! 12/24
sinner JESUS, please forgive me from all of sins I ever did... 03/17
niceway so blessing!! 08/01
Linda How to download this flash? 09/25
Yuni Yeremia 17 : 5 - 8 01/16
.......... this site is nice, i never see such a nice story. Jesus forgive me for all my sins. 02/15
taki hgdkjsfgk 06/25
ray nice summary stacy ^^
thanks for the vid. Kiro, i luv u. i luv Jesus 07/02
anton kita bisa menaggap Tuhan sebagai kalkulator yg membantu kita utk menyelesaikan masalah kta.AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! 08/30
Fika aduh kok aku jd ga ngerti ya? 10/17
hendry yeremia 17 : 5 - 8 tu kira2 intinya

terkutuklah org yg tdk mengandalkan Tuhan ( hny mengandalkan diri sendiri & org lainnya ) , & diberkatilah org yg mengandalkan Tuhan & selalu manruh harapan kepadaNya... 02/09
Micchan Makaci Yesus Udah mau jd kalkulator aq...

Thkz 4 donghaeng,
Love U all...
JBU 02/26
Metta Andalkan DIA maka apa yang engkau lakukan berhasil..... 09/18
sara tuhan sungguh luar biasa 12/11
sara tuhan sungguh luar biasa 12/11
that's good. i love story but who finish? and winner have gift soooooooo super duper big suprise..... (tapi seorang menang tapi bawa super duper banyak hadiah....) 06/03
(hitung pake caculator....) 06/03
Abraham if u want to download it.... visit my blog and see how u can download the flash,,,Gbu^^ 09/24
risal jesus is great 07/10
risal Abraham, whatis your blog add?? 07/10
Lyneth The calculator illustrates as Jesus and Kiro accepted him then he deserve a gift an eternal life which can also be given to all of us who accepts Jesus through God. 08/20
Lyneth It was when you have problems just let Lord God be the one to solve it .. his love is eternal-- Lord wants to be with us in any occasions .... 08/20