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Title string

Sandra I don't understand why the cross get smaller and smaller..... 07/06
David It represents His love & devotion to Jesus. How much Jesus means in his life. 07/07
David Looks like taking up things of the world and letting Him become smaller in our lives, finally being dragged behind 07/10
teresa Sandra... u know why? is just because the men is worry about the things on the world... and is forgeting Jesus and is faith is smaller... so the cross will be smaller.... understand??? 07/23
Sandra Wow there's another Sandra here. :) Really good flash. 08/17
nidya this is my favourite flash from all..i was crying when i saw this flash from my friend..it remind me to always put Jesus on the first place of my heart..i am truly blessed..thanx guys.GBU 08/25
bAby sAn2x my motto in life: "PUT GOD FIRST AND YOU'LL SUCCEED." 08/29
dodo don`t trade jesus and the cross with the world 08/29
neri this just touched my heart deeply, that tears welled up in my eyes. thanks for these videos that keep us in track of God's love. keep touching others' lives. God bless :) 09/05
Riky Do love Jesus? 09/20
IVan (HK) it reminds me and i got more tied with faith of HIS. amazing flash production. i'll always update myself here. 09/23
gaby i can't bleive him that boy god comes first how dare him letting i am who i am witch is god lodrd get dirtty with dirt when fater god never dose anything lke like that from 8 year old gaby gods slave 10/10
ruby lord i will eva put u frist no matta wat. i luvvvv u sooo much. i luv u more dan a fat kid luvs cake...... lol i luv uuu sooo much. i will always think of u wen i am making decisions in life i luv u soooo much!!! 10/20
Amy the song is good 11/03
ܺ this really made me cry....sad thing is....most of us don't even realize that God is still holding onto us... 11/09
ܺ the song is good 11/10
Risma This website is very good 11/13
Angel Woah, I see. I mean, Woah 11/18
patsy Yes GOd, i dun wanna cut that. i don't wanna lose YOU FOREVER. You are too precious in my life. I don't wanna trade you with anything. Hold my heart... 12/23
zorlak wow! i felt the love of Jesus... 01/01
zorlak i wish i could save this flash and email it to my love ones. but i dont know how? 01/01
joel Hey, I don't think there is a way to save the flash. However I have an alternative. You can email to them this src "http://www.donghaeng.net/english/string/string.swf". This simply directs the reader to the flash. You can try it by typing the address in your web browser. This is the best way I can think of, hope you would find this useful. =) 02/05
agung as a seminarian i think it,s true 02/21
yesoul my cross often gets smaller...
this is scary that my love is getting smaller by all these idols..
I feel sorrow
Jesus Im sorry I will never get the string off
and I'll do everything in your pleasure 03/27
yesoul here I post a translation of the lyrics
it means
there are too much I in me
you have no space to rest in

I just translated it as an engilsh sentence that maintains korean sense

KIRO if you do not want me to post this lyrics, just let me know I'll delete this 03/28
Merrysa I like it so much. It can make me cry and smile, forever... Thanks my lovely God! 04/04
mj hi! juz want to know how can i email this to my friend? 05/03
Vivien This flash really represents my life recently. I thought that I can have what I want (worldly thing) and still keep my relationship with Jesus. But the longer time I do this, Jesus is getting smaller in my priority. T_T "Please forgive me, LORD! Help me so I can put YOU number 1 in my heart. I want to love You with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength." This website really blessed me! Keep it up, KIRO! God's wisdom, ideas, creativity, strength are with you always!!! 05/04
Mels It get's smaller and smaller because the person carrying the cross was paying more attention and devotion to worldly things, rather than Jesus Christ. 06/20
jito pilih mana? dunia atau tuhan yesus 07/05
shiny this is awesome!!i praise God for it!! 09/08
paulusthom This video is very awesome. It shows us how our Lord Jesus doesn't want to let us go, although we sometimes prefer sin to follow Him. This website has changed my life. Thank you 09/24
Rendy Bpp Terkadang kita lebih memilih dunia ini karena sungguh banyak ditawarkan segala sesuatu yang menarik,tetapi kebahagian yang didapatkan hanya sementara.
Memikul salib adalah satu jalan untuk menuju Yesus,memang berat, tp saat akhir kamu akan menemukan kebahagiaan yang tak tergantikan.Gbu friend 10/01
Paul Like Jesus says, " What for you got everthing in the world, but you lost your soul." Praise Jesus 10/25
stanley This website is my favorite, is't creative!! and bless everyone, Thank's God Jesus!!! 11/07
som i love jesus 12/14
ױ۸?? Ʈ ĵ i love jesus 12/18
baby thankz GOD 01/26
superkie Jesus is so cute forever 02/01
krisann it was so touching! i could even ralate to the man...
were like the prodigal son... Good thing our Father would never let us go.. He's just waiting on us. to hug us.. what a an incredible love.

to JOEL: it was such a big help that you post it how to send
it to other friends. how about the DUTY? can you help me on that?? God bless you abundantly ;) 03/10
Vee-Q This flash is so blessed!!!
Remind us more, more and more about our life.
We always bring our "important things" in our life (carrer, love, education, even sins) but we forget when we add more that things, Jesus will be invisible.
But still I can't imagine, although we have made Him so dirty and annoy Him, He still said "Don't ever cut off this string, for I will never let go"
That's amazing & only Him can said like that & of course PROVE it!!!
TQ so much LORD!!! 05/01
michael This flash exactly represents my Christian's Life..I often put Jesus in the last row of my priority, I often broke my commitment for Him. But now I know that He'll never let me go no matter what happens. And I'll never let Him go..

Thx Jesus for ur love.
Michael Alexander-Indonesia 07/01
wiika ahh , teraruu .. huhuhuhuwh .. 08/10
wiika ahh , terharuu .. huhuhuhuwh .. 08/10
juri i really wan to share this with my family and frids 08/23
sabrynna i love u jesus 10/11
mey Hi...buat yg mau upload flash dr donghaeng silahkan klik disini http://fangs4jesus.orgfree.com/flash.php tinggal double klik disebelah kanan ada pilihan berbagai mcm flash buatan donghaeng dgn titlenya nanti akan muncul kode u/ di fs. Silahkan mencoba. Tuhan memberkati. 01/08
kong v i love this. its so sad i had many tears. 02/08
ka wow. this is all i can say. i am amazed. i can really relate to this. just knowing that i am not alone, really shows that God loves us al when we go throught this type of thing. this is great. HALLELUJAH! GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME, ALL THE TIME, GOD ID GOOD! 02/08
bryant1991 halo 02/16
jj he could carry all the boxes if he had a car 03/21
debora follow Him till the end of time 04/05
Maria May i know how to download all of the flash please? 06/18
Maria Mohon bantuannya ya bgmana cara mendownloadnya.. 06/18
Ah b i feel so touching and fill many tears in my eyes, thank you Jesus not leave us forever ! 08/06
Sandy "...i urge you not to cut off this string. For whatever happens... I will never let go..."
It brought me to tears.....
I hope i can say the same...I will never let go 08/12
netha mau down load dong 09/01
they are take the dangers this is like kiroo..
good story. 06/03
Adrianne This is touching... ^___^ I will never cut the string! I will hold on to you, Jesus, no matter what gift and wealth they give me! 07/10
Nikita how can i download this video..?? 07/28
dfdsf sdfsdfsdf 08/05
xxx it is good 03/31
indah I'm blessed with this flash. Thank so much. 04/10
brenda how can i download this video for share to other people? 08/28
stephen All of your videos are very touching, but I just disagree with how you describe Jesus here. He's a bit pathetic... He is love but He is also the sovereign Lord, and cannot be played... 11/14
stephen All of your videos are very touching, but I just disagree with how you describe Jesus here. He's a bit pathetic... He is love but He is also the sovereign Lord, and cannot be played... 11/14
stephen All of your videos are very touching, but I just disagree with how you describe Jesus here. He's a bit pathetic... He is love but He is also the sovereign Lord, and cannot be played... 11/14
Gaby Priority 11/10