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Title How to use the source and save the flash
::: How to use the source :::

You can copy and paste the source to email or put up on an internet notice board.
Next to the title of the flash, click the small diskette.
When the source window opens right-click
"select all" then right-click again to select "copy".
Paste the source into the email or notice board by right-clicking and selecting "paste".
Before sending, you must select the html box located at the bottom of the page.

I am aware that this sometimes doesn't work
Unfortunately, I do not have all the answers
If you are having difficulties, please ask a computer whiz

::: How to save the flash file :::

It is possible to save the SWF file straight onto your computer hard drive, if you are on internet.
First, check where the internet files are saved by going to "Tools"-> "Internet Options" ->
then in "Temporary Internet Files" click "settings" -> "view files".
You can then search to see whether the SWF file has been saved or not.
You can then copy and save it.
If there is not enough memory in the Temporary Internet Files folder, it may not save.
Only when you delete other files and make sufficient memory will you be able to save.

::: Use of pictures on Donghaeng homepage :::

As long as the pictures on Donghaeng hompage are not used for commercial,
profit-gaining purposes they can be used for church or mission use.
Please understand that it is not possible to provide the files in other formatted versions as of yet.

rainbow This is a fun story. God bless you (from Invouver) 11/25
pitus Thanks 11/29
Wanda Your site is great. I have been trying to download the cartoons to my computer, but it's not working. 01/10
Amy Ma I was so blessed by your website! i am doing to share this web site to others! Thanks! 01/13
KIRO Thanks... If it's not working,It maybe not install flash player on your computer
please visit macromedia.com and download 01/13
Sunny Thanks^^. I hope that your faith and God's love is full of you 01/20
Mona Thank you so much for sharing all this with us...it blessed me a lot..God bless you 01/21
Fatlow Thank you very much for your working and sharing. May the Lord bless you and keep you. 01/28
Sheryl This is a beautiful website...good job^^
God Bless You All 02/02
Paulus Just get the nice and touching cartoon. Hope to see more like this in every week 02/12
prully i like your creative cartoons, especially "duty", it is a nice song. i hope someone can translate it into english and send it to me so i can understand the words of the song. my e-mail address is : prully@singnet.com.sg
thank you. 02/17
Eric Very Good web site and interesting and meaningful story. In Lord from Hong Kong. 02/18
Angela Its helpful website full of God's love 1 02/19
fanny thank you for sharing and helping 02/21
Kinvi It reminds me that I have to improve my deficiency. May Jesus help all of us!
Everyday is a good day as Jesus leads me how to live >.< 02/21
dahling this is a very heart-warming web site. It makes any one realize how God really love us. My friends and I actually cried upon 'watching' the clips. Thank you very much for being a channel of God's undying love for us. God bless 02/23
Ada Thankyou for your animation, I just felt like had a mini sunday school. May God bless you and your work for His own good!! 02/25
Lori God has blessed you with an amazing talent....thank you for using it and sharing it with us. I couldn't help but cry, laugh, and thank God everytime i watch the clips...may God continue to work through you. **1 Cor 10:31 02/25
Rita Waaaaw i loved the site & the wonderful animation carrying the wonderful meanings. God Bless U 02/29
loida God bless the one who thought of sharing this wonderful site. 03/05
Ringo Thank you very much.... I must say your web-site is a gift for me...
I think your web-site will keep on inspiring people...
May God bless you and be with you always....
May you be the shining light to the lost through your flash...
Keep this up..... pray for you in Hong Kong 03/08
Esme I really want to say thank you!!! Your love stories with Juses really touches my heart. Especially "Duty". I cried when I saw it!! T_T I beileve more and more people will start to believe Lord after seeing your works. God bless You! 03/10
riza hi! kiro, my frend forward me youre website and guest what?(ToT)im so blessed especially when ive seen the"Duty" (ToT).Iam thanking GOD that he used u to touch our hearts and gave encouraged to us.and be with him again....our GOD our savior.Amen god bless kiro may GOD continued used us and i know he will never let us go in his hand again...god bless 03/15
Anne It's a very nice site, God bless you for doing this I already sent it to all my friend so they can enjoy it too. thanks 03/16

۱ܫ! 03/18
love It's very great site. may god bless you and be with you everytime !! thank you so much !! 03/19
luke 翻译汉语吗谢񫡣 03/21
luke 很动ʦ懂 03/21
Ying 很, ~
~ 03/21
Martono Dear Kiro, we are all so blessed with your site. I am just wondering if we can show it to our sunday service.. will there be any copyright issue etc.. just want to check with you first. thanks and God bless - Martono 03/23
Mimi Dear Martono, yes you can use it for church purposes. Information on the use of these cartoons can be found in the last paragraph above (scroll up) under "Use of pictures on Donghaeng homepage" 03/26
vivian hey, thank you for letting us download for church purposes! we have a lock in for our youth group tonight and we'll be showing this slide show during the lock-in. thank u again~! 03/27
Yen Chen What a wonderful web site! I'm touched by every single one of your stories. It's amazing that every simple story has a meaning in it. Hopefully more and more people could understand how God loves us. 03/29
Antony The movies are so touching, thanks, keep going for God.
Antony from HongKong. 03/31
lynn great site
keep inspiring!! 04/03
herry It's inspiring me when I prepare a recolection for pupils. Thank's 04/16
febsky hi! someone gave me a link to your site! I am blessles by the stories you've shown the one titled duty reminded me to be true to Jesus! Thanks Kiro! I would like to share this to my church. How can i save it so i can show it through the projector? 04/24
Mimi Please scroll up to the top and read. This section actually explains your question! 04/25
febsky FINALLY! i was able to figure out how to save it--- THANKS mimi and Kiro! I am going to share this to our church - i pray that God will continually bless you with more ideas to encourage and rebuke us -- i love you with the love of the Lord! 04/28
iain keep going...lots of people gain the encoruagment from your website!!
one is me...Thank Lord!! we can share God's love. 04/30
Reyner God is so faithful to each and everyone of us.. I'm trully blessed by "duty" ,it reminds me of the kind of faith i must have for God.. i like the song "wherever you go" Is there a way to buy the CD? I'm a US resident, let me know.. :) GBU 05/02
Felix God Bless You~~ 05/11
passer by Actually, nice cartoon.
It's a good way to spread good news to unbeliever. 05/19
mora god bless you your website will help me too much in teachini in sundays school.god bless you 05/23
Allen P wow, amazing... how long did it take u to finish ur cartoons?? I am really blessed by ur talents. Thank you for showing me that we can use anything to honour God. 05/24
EddieJ MY E-MAIL IS mreddie1945@yahoo.com 06/22
Timothy Hey man..nice site...really good...GOd bless ya!! 06/27
Deibby Very nice site... God bless you... 06/28
Wanda Love these! - but when i do a "right click" on the mouse and "save file as" it doesn't work. How do I save these onto a CD?? 06/28
fung your web site is WOW.. It directly taouch my heart.. .God Bless you.. just can't save it into my hard disk... :)
From: FUng - Indonesia 06/30
Mimi To save, please scroll right up to the top of this page and read. With the saved file, you need to burn it onto CD. 07/02
budiman this is very good website, this for GOD. This website is become a tool for God for spreading Love and Faith 07/21
dmxster i really love your flash clips ! they're soo moving and touching! i'm so glad my friend intro-ed me to this site ^^ keep up the great work *spreading the love* -dc 07/29
r0na you are really great! GOD BLESS YOU!!! 08/06
lover Thank you for this wonderful site, i'm deeply touched by the underlining msgs even though i live in some other part of the world. God bless you and your beautiful ministry. Thank you for sharing the love of God with the whole world through. 08/12
Maggie Sit just a short note to let you know I think you are doing great job with God. I know how difficult explaining God's love and although there have been some problems along the way our life, you're doing excellent. Please keep up the good job and HE will never let us go..... God bless from Hong Kong 08/12
Jan I get all my faith back whenever I login to your website.. Thanks.. Jesus love you.. God bless all... Jan from Singapore 08/18
hope_cia hi Dong, i'm really very much blessed by the message u displayed in your webbies, they are very encouraging N really thank God for a brother like U! keep up this good work that is in Christ Jesus. A pity that I can't read Korean, ha... anyway i'll continue to go around sharing your nice webbie. Bring u greetings from Singapore. >_< 08/24
marlonblue very inspiring... simple, cute,... i gez He spoke to me through this site... kip d faith burning.... -blue from canada 09/08
Teresa I really love the animation. They are really true. We are always falling into these traps.... Thanks....I'll share this...God Bless! 09/11
kiki Thanks God and donghaeng~
A refreshment of life~ 09/24
andre I'm thanking before GOD for this website and for the owner of this site. I feel so blessed by those flash clips. Who ever you are who made this site, may Jesus always bless you, and everyone who visits this site. Jesus Bless us. - best greetings from Indonesia 10/21
shereen hi.just wanna say thank you for these lovely storeis about jesus love.thank god for helping you.please keep on this way because it help us also.god bless you....from egypt 10/27
shereen really i know this site from a friend and i loved it so much.i felt as its a message from god to me and to many peoples to hepl us in our life and to know that jesus is alwayes with us in every steps...plzzzzzzzzz keep on .my email is ice_creama7@hotmail.com 10/27
goldfish everytime I watch the 'duty', it makes me want to cry...
from time to time....I ask God...'where are you?'
He hasn't promised sunshine and laugthers all the way, but He has promised He never forsake me.
for all of brothers and sisters whom carry the cross along the way, you never alone. Only God can make a miracle. 11/01
michella hay 11/17
michella hay 11/17
jom Great site! Praise God for you! 11/24
hongkong This is my sunday lesson today. I would share it with my friends. 12/12
Marcos Ha sido toda una sorpresa encontrar tu web. Tus historias tienen una sensibilidad especial. Que el Señor te bendiga! www.iglevalencia.org 12/15
vina heloo...
all of the flashes are totaly awsome!!!
I Want ask u for a permission.....can u give me some of the flashes.....I want to share its with my friends @ church and my college.....in other hand...in february, I'll having a valentine event church and I'm going to show the flash by that time (if u permited me). but I just cant save the flashes. The instruction that u gave before......trust me, it just didnt work. so please (and begging)......I'm asking u to send me those flashes to my email (psyduck_totoro@yahoo.com)
Thankz a lot...and Jesus Bless' You 12/29
Tesalonika Dear KIRO,
I want to share your flash to all my friends. Could you please tell me how to save in the disk them coz i try many times but still cant.
Thanx any way & God Bless U :)) 01/15
f awesome!!! 01/18
Kitman Thank you so much for all the flash. They really inspired me alot. May God bless you and use it be the tool for blessing people !!! 02/26
Rivan Kiro ! Thanks a million for your work in this site !
They're very useful, it blessed me and my friends in Jakarta, God bless u, bro !
We're always waiting for another new and fresh animation inspired by Kiro :) 03/02
Audric Kom Thanks a lot for all the flash. We are very blessed. I'm very sorry to bother you, but could you please send me those flashes? I've already tried the instruction you gave before, but it still doesn't work.With your permission, i'm going to show some of the flashes in my church, actually it's for nextweek..., on Easter day. So will you please send them for me(cir2_komala@yahoo.com).. Cause I do really hope, it could blessed the people in my church next week. Thankyou for everything, God bless you.. 03/20
Zhi Wei God Bless you ... 03/21
german I'm very blessed to watch all the flashes you provided, it's very touching and encouraging. keep up the goodwork you're such a blessing to the world.
tnx. more power and wisdom to you! 03/21
joanna hey.. writing to you from singapore!i give thanks to God each time i see the animations u have done.. you are a blessing!! God bless you! by the way, do you have the english lyrics to the background sound in "again"? 03/25
joanna i saw the title,"you can start over again" by sea of hope? but i cant find the english lyrics in the big www... =( 03/25
Great I really enjoy your animation. it's simple and touching. I believe that God will use your animation to bless and reveal Himself to those who are still losting in this world. Go ahead! ^o^ May God give you strength and bless your work!! (In Christ from Hong Kong) 03/30
jUdY It's great to know... that they have in English... keep make all the stories in English too. God is awesome... You guys did great job~! I cry everytime I see "Duty" story..... it gives me ...hope to live. 04/03
minna Hi... wonderful illustration! thanks for blessing people all across the globe, including Singapore! 04/05
linda I love watching all of them, keep it up and God bless you all. HOpe to see more. 04/16
bel I love this website. Thanks God for letting me come over it. Keep up the good job. God Bless You =) take care... 04/17
laikein I'm much blessed by the clip 'duty'. Let us persevere as we faithfully fulfil the task He entrusts to us. 04/27
Sandy I love your site. It makes me feel truly blessed by God. I hope that you will continue to make these flash videos and spread the word of Jesus around the world. I pray that God will always bless you and your work. 05/27
Olong Thanks GOD!! Mission from GOD! This great site strengthen my belief!...Although I, my brothers and sisters in Lord are in darkness. Hope it can be passed,...so that more people can get the messages from our GOD as soon as possible! 05/27
ka I love this website v. much. 06/11
Agung K.S. this site is very good to visit. keep working, bro. Jesus will give you a lot of idea to make a salvation comic. you're the God's way to bring people to the salvation way.....!Jesus loves u, bro!!! peace ya.. 06/18
Carmen It is good job. God bless you! 07/14
seeHim Every time I watch 'duty', my tears flow without stopping. God loves us so very much and we love Him by serving Him. God bless you all and keep up the good works. 09/04
Jin I was touched, in tears, after watching "duty" and "priority". Haven't watched most of the other ones yet, but I just want to say, thank you for the beautiful reminder. God bless you! 10/13
Cindy Thankyou for sharing your site with us!I am so deeply touched by your creative works! I really enjoy the cartoons which made me reflect on my relationship with Jesus! May the love of God overflows you deeply and may God richly bless your works ! 10/24
patsy Thank you for sharing this site !! Whenever, I watch " duty" I found it very touching that I couldn't stop crying It shows how much God loves us!! 10/31
Gina Without Him, everything in life, no matter how big it seems, is meaningless. With Him, everything in life, even the smallest, seems to be able to be done with great purpose.. Cos, it is to be done to glorify His Name. Amen! 11/13
leon hey any1 knw where i can get the song tat is played in "duty"? i would like to introduce to everyone in my church cell group,its a realli great song! 11/14
runa thank you 11/15
wilma Your amazing work for God has been touching me till now...! Thanks!
(Wil - Indonesia) 11/29
esther wow;')!! so touching thx for the site ;')! was realie goin a tough time and the 'duty' realie touches mi ;') thx alot for creeating this God bless u';')))))!! 12/03
suldwin thanks for your website! so true and touching 01/07
suldwin just asking: is there any possibility to make these flashes in french? i can provide the translation for it! i am sure these will blessed my people! any suggestion? suldwin@wanadoo.fr 01/07
god's daug it's so great! This website is full of GOD's love n so touching 4 all of us! Anywhere tnx 4 sharing this site! may GOD bless you all!!! :) 01/10
christine i really like the flashes that you had cum out with. I thank God so much for the talents that He had given to you :) 01/16
christine by the way, is there anyway that i can put this in my blog, so that i can share it with my friends? i had tried cutting the jave codes but it don't work 01/16
Candy I love them and share them with my youth group weekly and they love them. O hope you continue to make more so that I don't run out of cartoons to send them! My God bless you and your Ministry! 02/10
Joy Thank you , and Thank God. 03/15
Richard Ch Please permit me to congratulate you for this wonderful, and inspiring site, May the LORD bless you richly for spreading HIS word all over the nations. 03/23
bobo Such an inspiring work! May God's grace be with you always! Thanks! 03/23
Johnnatan All of your works were good. It blessed me so much. Let it be blessing to the others. Keep fighting. Keep your spirit in God. Korea, keep move on for Jesus. 03/27
Lee God is a great god. Cause He can help us out when we got problem. Then when you pray to him about our problem he will help us out.... God Bless You! And friends always remebr that God is alwats by our side guding us and helping us through out.. 04/12
eLLA you are very generous ^ ^ which's cool! Bless you again! 04/18
Junita Thank God for a wonderful website. I am blessed by this site and gain a lot of encouragement. God bless your hands.

From Thailand 04/28
Johan God bless you and your family kiro, keep on serving Him.
the music in duty is very touching, can u give more info abt the song and the singer ? 05/02
Herry Hello, I'm from Indonesia and this is very encourage me. I think there many people will be bless with this. I used (DUTY) in our mission prayer and many people crying.
.... All Blessings 05/10
moury thanks 4 encoragement..i make it drama in my chruch..
good ilustration... carry on... bro.. 05/10
Santan Reb Maker of the whole creation JESUS 05/11
Kevin Fung What is a fantastic website!!!I love all the flashes.I am a Chinese and studying in UK now.:) 05/21
Hena i love duty! what's the song called? and how sings it? iono korean...i'm hmong 05/22
stephanie thank you. God's words are powerful enough but you make it into flash which is better. it explains and tells upon what God's planned thousands yrs ago was right. the Lord have touched my heart once again with your flash. you're e appointed one to save lives n touch lives too. GOD BLESS!!!!(singapore) 05/23
Noel Park I am Korean, But, I can understand only bit of Korean language.
First of all, Thank you very much for provide a lot of good information about christians... And I am very proud that I am Korean. May God Bless You (Fiji) 06/03
ming thanks God that let me saw the flsh.. its realy touched my heart.. God always beside me but i always forget him.. he always take care of me and love me, but i din even realise it..thanks Kiro for the effort u make... n God bless 06/09
jefri i am jefri from Indonesia,Jakarta wow this is the first i see a very great websites , thanks a millions for your creativities , May God Bless U all the Time 07/07
Scott What a fantastic site! God bless you in this ministry. 08/07
Amanda I watched the simple cartoon flash videos, and i ended up crying. i felt convicted. Thank God for allowing me to stumble upon this site. I want to start afresh with the Lord again. please pray for me. praise God =) 08/18
Alicia so special......make an greater effort.God Bless U.Hi.. 09/25
Yolanda Thanks so much, i want to share this flash to others, can i put them in my space, is it ok? 10/09
Jess Hi, is it possible for me to download the "duty" flash? I am very touched by that flash and I would like to share it with my church members in one of our church services. I really keen to show it in to my whole church. Thank you for your advice and time. May God bless you abundantly! 10/20
s3t_s3t hi.. 11/14
Kae Dear KIRO, is Kiro your real name?
I'm truly blessed by this website... When I saw the flash in KIRO menu, it picturize my life, too.. I've been walking away from Him for quite a long time... I really want to go back, but I just don't know how... I have always prayed for His guidance along my life journey, and I have always asked Him to take my life and use it completely for Him... But I just don't know where to start... But it's glad to know that it's not me who make the start, it's Him... :) It's Him who takes my hand first, it's Him who loves me first, and I believe He is walking with me now and leading me... God bless u, KIRO... 11/19
Debby i come from hk the flash is very good~^^ thank you>3< 12/07
Caroline Terima Kasih Kiro!
Tuhan berkati!

Caroline (IYCC) - Indonesia 01/05
Joy Thank U 4 ur hard working! Give me so much encouragement! 02/05
sterlin 谢!谢谢你!...THANK God!!!:) 02/07
Anna Yen !你 02/22
P@ng Thank God. Manny people in Thailand love to see your flash.It's truly blessed many peple here.It's the way that God used you!! Touching heart.Thank you. ^^ 04/09
P@ng Thank God. Manny people in Thailand love to see your flash.It's truly blessed many peple here.It's the way that God used you!! Touching heart.Thank you. ^^ 04/09
RL Thank you so much for your sharing.
RL - Hong Kong 04/18
Lluvia Kiroo... wanna ask u somethin', or everyone here, how can i download the flash?? dunno wat to do... I dun really understand d steps that u have written above Kiro... Thx a lot. GBU! 04/24
serene hi me too i want to know how to download the flash as i really try but i cant download at all.. pls help... many thx... 05/09
Adeline i stumbled upon this website from another site...gospel greeting.com...one of your cards "faithful to the end" was put up there...it was so touching i cried! that was last year..i've forgotten all about that card until today....and i clicked on the flash again..and cried a second time....then it got me onto this link..fantastic!!! awesome...praise the Lord for blessing the person who drew this with amazing talent and dedication to use his God-given gift to inspire lots of christian souls all over the world....

God bless!

Adeline from australia 06/20
andriawan it's so awesome...
thank u for all what have u done for making this flas worderfull
all the glory, honour, and praises it all comes back to our Lord CHRIST.
CHRIST bless u to bless all people again. 07/10
Chia I'm to blessed to have come across your site. I know my relationship with GOD isn't as strong as it used to be. I "don't" make time for him. I've realized that I need to make time for GOD, since GOD's waiting for me every single time and I've let him down. Thanks for all the wonderful flashes. 07/26
Faithtoken Here is another one that has been blessed by your ministry, thank you! Praise Jesus, he is worthy of all our praise. / Isac Sandelin - Sweden

Gud välsigne dig! (God bless you, in swedish) 11/06
luz It is so astounding that so many people from all over the world have been watching Donghaeng cartoons. I myself also cried while viewing one of the cartoons about the Korean believer who died of persecution during Japanese colonization. wow.. i hope everyone here will seek God's kingdom and righteousness prior to our own day-to-day matters so that all of us will attain great blessings from the Lord. Shalom! 11/15
Agustina I really love all the animations which you made, they really touch my heart. I just found this site few days ago. I know that this is how God has used you to deliver His messages. Thank you for making this site. Please keep it up, I know that there are more people out there will be blessed with your works. God bless. 11/23
J.samuel Thanks. God I got Bless by wacthing Donghaeng cartoons,may Present of God upon on you all the time and wisdom of God to make you goto Higher level to Bless many people all over the world.Jakarta - Indonesia.Jesus Bless you 12/03
venancio please can any translate the lyrics song of the flash file called duty to english please, and if you can tellme who its the name of the singer and what its the name of the song..
thanks and God Bless you
emailme to : venancio2424@yahoo.com.mx 12/21
Didit Dear Kiro
I like all your flashes, thank you for blessing me
Hopefully see you soon 12/27
Putri hi, all of ur flashes are incredible but could u plis tell me how to save the files?thx..u can email me to :
thank u..really...^^ God bless u 02/14
mj hi..all of ur flashes are so nice..to GOD be all the glory! continue doing it for the glory of GOD....it gives hope to other people..and seek GOD..soh keep up the good work for the glory of GOD...
GOD BLESS....and i love you with the love of the LORD! 03/03
jaysond thank you for this...can i post it on my website...it is located here unitedfire.tk it is a christian youth web site. 04/04
jtwsw78 praise God.
I like this site, I like the videos, praise God, God Bless you.
All the videos make me cry....:(

Jesus is the King!!!!!:) 04/06
jtwsw78 Oh, I forgot...Please write in English.....
;) 04/06
lady Kiro i really don't understand how to download the flash please teach me 04/10
jay please teach me how to download your flash..they are all great tools for soulwinning..please..jaysyd2721@yahoo.com or send to me your flash great stories/movies..GOD BLESS you richly 04/17
sharina cdʦ嗎? 04/19
sharina ʦ嗎?
? 04/19
christine really blessed 08/04
ayumi whoa, this site is so cute and heartwarming...
love this so much...
May God continually blessed you and every works of your hands,
so that you could continue inspiring people because of your work..

God bless!

~ayumi from philippines 09/03
monica hi dong haeng your web site very bless me so much, I want to share to all my friend at my friendster, so every my friends who visit my profile will see the duty falsh and i hope it will bless them and remind them about our destiny life from God, pelase can you help me, how i can use it to my friendtser, i have tried it, but failed..thanks, need your kindly help, thanks before and after, GBU richly
moocha_feb@yahoo.com 09/18
wendy how to be save flash About GOD ??
i really2 spirit of my live, so i want get it.
my reflection to my friends, to share of life.
i got xt to the title of the flash, click the small diskette.
When the source window opens right-click
"select all" then right-click again to select "copy".
Paste the source into the email or notice board by right-clicking and selecting "paste".
Before sending, you must select the html box located at the bottom of the page. BUT i CAN NOT SAVED
t7ong_wen1888@yahoo.com 09/20
wendy thanksssss....., xie xie . . . . 09/20
cy hi 10/06
naomi dear..kiro its all tuch me deeply n i have to share all the flash for my friends. please let me know how to get all the great flash .


GBU 10/09
thu sry, i cant add flash into my blog .wordpress.com can u help me some ? 10/17
Pasca lovely,kiro. all flash touch me deeply. please let me know how to get all the great flash. thanks. 10/20
alyster i almost cried an am not a fellings person this web site is very inspiring... will try to post it to some friends.
alysterwalcott@yahoo.com 11/02
Lianna oh no. i lost my username and psw how? 11/02
Lianna can anyone help me? how can i retrieve my username and psw? 11/02
Mary I'm so touched by the flash. I want to share them to others 12/03
mryie this site bless me so much. keep your work in jesus christ 12/14
mryie i cant download this flash..email me pls at punkabill@yahoo.com
thanks 12/14
bless u very much..
this website is so exciting for me
you make me remember for His blessing for us...
i want to get the flash..
but i cant save all this flash. can you tell me how can i copy in my site epha_toyeng@yahoo.com
thanks before.... bless u 02/03
Jed HiKiro,
Its great and awesome...am so touched by the good news...all my unity in your great ministry! 05/16
ezer thank you.GBU 06/12
Sirotan Thanks for your contribution.
I'm sure that your flash would one of God's instrument to touch peopole heart.
May God bless you 06/14
Ng I hv not received my 2 CD down load yet my payment USD $ 24 was approved by pay pals 25 th of sep ( more than 24 hr) 09/27
esg Please teach me how to download to my pc 11/06
hanie please teach me how to join this site, how to make an account :) thanks
stephaniee_95@hotmail.com 01/23
moon this site is so inspiring! 03/27
psychie I love this site:).. very inspiring... 05/21
daniel Thank you. It's wonderfull and inspiring... 05/24
reine i just try to follow the instruction how to save the flash.. But still didn't work... please tell me how do i get the flash.. your flash really really blessed me.. so i want to share with my friend, my family, also my church....thanx

reine_enhe@yahoo.com 06/05
dame Kiro, i live in Indonesia. I really like your site. By the way, why i can see the Cross 2?

Thankyou Kiro, God bless you.

me, dame tB
damebar@yahoo.com 06/18
dame Sorry...Why i can't see the Cross 2? Thank you. 06/18
Luna Maya mantaf!!!! 06/19
ikq thanks 07/28
ika kiro... your flash video is blessed me. Thanks 07/28
Kelvin I would to find out whether I could use your flash picture of the CROSS on my second book. I seek for your permission. My eamil address: highimpact@y7mail.com. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks. 09/16
edsel thanks God for your effort for this wonderful works you have done, i use one of your flash clip as illustration in preaching, its helpful and useful... glory to God ...God bless you and your family.... bro. in Christ. 08/29
Rini GOD, thank You for never leaving me alone. I need You in my life. 05/25
Caznei Lord, please come when I need you. I promise that I will listen to you 05/22
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